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Legacy by C.V. Hunt

Thursday, August 25, 2011

After defeating the dreaded Quatre, dragon-vampire, Ashley, and her lover, the vampire, Verloren, take a well-deserved rest in the Pacific Northwest. Ashley wants to learn about her newfound powers, and both of these soul mates want to chart their uncertain future. What will their role be in this world of misfits? And what is the meaning of disturbing premonitions seen only by Verloren?

Living in a secret compound with other outsiders, Ashley discovers what Verloren already knows: when given their freedom some misfits will do the right thing, but others are still dedicated to evil.

Goodreads Summary

This book is the sequel to Endlessly.  The reader will enjoy beginning the book right in the middle of the action.  Though the events and characters have somewhat calmed down, Ashley still has another surprise for the reader-an unprecedented one.  In the last book, Ashley convinced Verloren to change her into a vampire.  Normally, there would not be complications with the change; however, Ashley's dragon heritage complicates an otherwise easy change.  The reader will learn that after Ashley drinks from a victim, that victim does not exactly die...although his/her soul moves on...

In order to discover just why and what to do about Ashley's latest skill, Ashley and Verloren head to an older vampire hang-out.  Jason tags along, still determined to prove that his connection to Ashley (formed from the rather gruesome act of eating her leftovers) is important and valid.  He has puppy-love for her.  The reader will enjoy the new environment, meeting the secondary characters will prove both interesting and fun.  Of course, happiness can't last forever...Ashley and her "crew" are in danger about halfway through the novel, a danger that could prove fatal for at least one of the main characters.

Ashley remains a fun and unique character; she is a little impulsive, brash, happy-go-lucky (now that she has Verloren), and an unusual vampire.  Verloren is just as loving and caring as ever, the reader will actually believe that their love is real.  Jason is more like Ashley than any other character.  He, too, is impulsive and brash.  He believes he loves Ashley and would do anything for her.  The secondary characters are just as intriguing and fun to get to know.

The events are fast-paced, some are very high-energy fight scenes that will assuredly entertain the reader.  The plot carries over from the first book a little, with a few twists thrown in.  This book was an enjoyable read, recommended to young adults/adults.

4 Stars