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Unforeseen Fears by H William Gruchow

Monday, August 22, 2011
They played games with murders; harmless games, it seemed, piecing together details from news reports; imagining theories about how and why; and wagering each other on the outcomes.

The Dunwright murders were tragic: Dillon and Martha were killed, and Brianne was missing. Still, like the others, this game wasn't supposed to be serious. But was it an execution or a kidnapping? And why was so little progress being made toward solving the case? Their curiosities fired up, Armis and Jake broke the rules and did their own sleuthing. If the investigation was being subverted, who was doing it, and why?

The mystery deepened when nine-year-old Brianne's dismembered remains were discovered weeks later and miles away-and Armis' quest for her killer became an obsession.

Yet, through encounters with corrupt lawmen, malevolent executives, and reticent family members, Armis was unable to find the answers he needed; until he met the mysterious Malwina. She insidiously drew him into her plan of personal vengeance, and closer to learning the reasons Brianne had to die. But as they intruded into a world where the bad guys seldom lose, the game turned dangerous...and deadly.

Goodreads Summary

The interesting part of this mystery is that the story is told in varying dates in the 20th century.  The reader will get many different point of views and be able to see through several different characters, making the mystery much better than if the reader had to rely on one pair of eyes.  Armis and Jake, the main characters in this novel, are very suspicious when it comes to the murder investigations they observe being done.  They think that something is not quite right.  The author does give them reason to worry, even someone who isn't paranoid would think something was up regarding these investigations. 

The author lets the reader make his/her own decision regarding the secondary characters.  Some appear harmless, some appear much more devious, while still others don't appear to have anything to do with any of the murders at all.  The reader will find that it is not that easy to guess the next course of action and/or next event in this book.  There are quite a few surprises. 

The author adequately describes the scenes taking place.  It is important to be more descriptive in a mystery novel and the author accomplishes that.  The characters are mostly likable, the reader will feel more connected to Armis and Jake than any other character.  This book had a different, interesting plot and the events were fairly fast.  This book is recommended to adults who enjoy a good mystery, perfect for a rainy day.

4 Stars