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Arms of an Angel Ebook By Linda Boulanger

Friday, August 26, 2011

Being wealthy and beautiful doesn’t promise an automatic ticket for happiness. Sometimes you need the angelic touch of someone who needs you as much as you need him… Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one set of wings ends and the other begins.

Claire is alluring, sensual – called an angel by some, though the woman she’s become is anything but celestial. Her heart is filled with pain so deeply embedded she doesn’t want to live any longer…until fate puts her into the hands of the most virtuous man she’s ever met; a man who needs someone like Claire to help him piece together the shattered bits of his own life.

Goodreads Summary

Claire has not had an easy life, battling cancer at a very young age and losing her parents in a tragic car accident.  She has grown a little bitter, which she is certainly entitled to.  Garrett is one of the most virtuous, kind men she has ever met.  She has not lived a virtuous lifestyle.  She literally threw herself into life with no regards for the consequences.  Claire learns that she needs at accept that others love and worry about her and she needs to shape up.  She begins to fall in love with Garrett.  The story takes off from there.

Claire's character is interesting.  She is definitely not perfect, but that adds to the story; no character should be completely unflawed.  She has her problems, life has hit her hard.  Garret, on the other hand, appears to really roll with the punches.  He is calm, collected, and caring.  He truly cares for Claire, his love for her is believable.  There isn't much mention of secondary characters beyond Joe in this novel, but the reader will enjoy getting to know him.

The plot is interesting for a short story, the author takes on the hard task of establishing a connection between the main character and the reader in a short story.  The events are fast-paced.  The characters will keep the reader occupied.  This story is recommended to young adults/adults who enjoy romance and second chances.

4 Stars