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Catching Santa (The Kringle Chronicles #1) by Marc Franco

Monday, August 15, 2011
It is six days before Christmas and incredibly weird things are happening in 11-year-old Jakob s Florida neighborhood. His best friends -- Logan, Shig, and Fleep -- are convinced their Christmas is in danger, and then live snowmen strangely appear and confirm the threat. Jakob dismisses the bizarre events as nothing more than an elaborate hoax concocted by the bully down the street. But when the bully turns into smoke, a magical and powerful stranger appears as the mastermind behind the mayhem. The stranger demands the unimaginable and impossible: that Jakob catch Santa...or else!

Goodreads Summary

This author really knows how to appeal to the child in readers.  The story was short, but sweet and entertaining.  Jakob, the main character, is precocious and down-to-earth.  He isn't gullible in the slightest.  The secondary characters are no less fun to read about-even the antagonist.  The plot is perfect for Christmas lovers: bad occurrences continue to happen until Santa is caught and handed over to the antagonist.  The book is a fast-read, the events happen quickly.  There is an air of excitement to this book.  The ending is satisfying.  This book is recommended for both young readers and old...anyone who enjoys a great Christmas read.

4 Stars