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The Beads of Lapis Lazuli by Doris Kenney Marcotte

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Before She Can Finish Writing Her Novel, One Ordinary Woman Must Solve a 3,500-Year-Old Mystery
Katheryn Marshall is just an everyday Cincinnati housewife and mother-until she purchases an ancient strand of lapis lazuli beads on holiday in Crete. That's the start of a two-year obsession with ancient Minoan civilization, culminating in an unfinished novel about the culture's greatest mystery of love and desertion. But as she delves deeper into the myth, Katheryn finds holes in the story that she refuses to accept, preventing her from completing the book. And what happens next could rewrite history-even as it stretches her marriage to the breaking point.
Now, against the vehement wishes of all those around her, Katheryn is about to drop everything to embark on a fact-finding mission that will take her to a deserted island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Along for the ride is Jake Deupree, a renowned psychic who helps archeologists locate important excavations. But as they hone in on their goal, it's Katheryn who experiences odd premonitions. And neither of them is prepared for what their mission will uncover-and what it will uncover about themselves.
The Beads of Lapis Lazuli is part mystery, part psychological drama as it mixes history, obsession, and the paranormal for an exhilarating read. Bridging time and space, it is about seeking truth and taking control of our lives. And it is about discovering the unknown strength within us-that housewives can also be heroes and adventurers-as we write our own personal stories.

Goodreads Summary

Katheryn is one of those rare characters who literally focuses on her obsession throughout the book.  She is an intriguing character, her intense focus on the Minoan civilization may even make the reader feel as if he/she should know more about the ancient civilization.  She is single-minded and tenacious; those qualities serve to make her a terrific character for a mystery novel.  After purchasing lapis lazuli beads when on a vacation, Katheryn decides to look into the beads' background and culture-launching her fascination.  She goes so far as to write a book about the subject; however, she cannot adequately finish the book, there is a gaping hole that she must fill.  Even with her marriage sliding towards the breaking point, she still finds that she must go and find the last few pieces of information to finish her book.  This is where the story really takes off.

Katheryn, as mentioned above, is a very interesting character.  Not many characters write a book based off of ancient Minoan civilization.  The secondary characters are just as intriguing to get acquainted with.  The events are fast-paced, particularly towards the middle of the story.  The ending is a little bit of a surprise, but perfect for this novel.  This book is recommended for mystery readers. 

4 Stars

4 Stars


  1. Susan T. said...:

    The Minoan Civilization was super interesting! Yes, I'm a geek. Lol! I'm going to check out this book.