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The Santa Club by Kelly Moss

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A delightful book with captivating illustrations, The Santa Club transitions your child from receiving gifts to experiencing the joy of giving. With sensitivity, faith, and love, The Santa Club tackles the serious question, "Is Santa Claus Real?" To be read with your child, this wonderful book not only answers that sometimes "dreaded" question but it also addresses the questions of why Santa comes at Christmas and who was the first Santa. The Santa Club is a wonderful parenting resource and a stunning children's book, and is sure to become an annual family favorite.

Goodreads Summary

This book is perfect for children asking about the real Santa.  The book even contains a little warning at the very beginning, stating that the child must be wondering about Santa and must not reveal the knowledge that lays beyond the first few pages.  Children are naturally curious and this book answers just the right amount of a child's query without disclosing too much.  The illustrations are vibrant and fun, a touch realistic while still being bold and imaginative-really holds a child's attention. 

The book will emphatically tell the child, "Yes," there is a Santa.  Santa is described as having existed long ago, inspiring others to become Santas as well.  There is also a couple of mentions of Jesus and God.  The book does not push the author's view, the child may decide for him/herself.  The author adds a wonderful touch towards the end of the book by inducting the child into the Santa Club, a Club geared towards generosity.  This is a wonderful book for children and their parents, especially around Christmastime.

5 Stars