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Friday, July 19, 2013

Robert Treskillard

Merlin's Blade


A strange meteorite. 
A deadly enchantment. 
And only Merlin can destroy it. 

A meteorite brings a mysterious black stone whose sinister power ensnares everyone except Merlin, the blind son of a swordsmith. Soon, all of Britain will be under its power, and he must destroy the stone—or die trying.


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  1. Vanessa L said...:

    I think he's real, but the stories are exaggerated.

  1. bn100 said...:

    probably real person

  1. Cassandra said...:

    I think he is a real person, but with fame comes rumors & myths :) Just goes with the territory :) But I'd like to think that there is some magic out there :)

  1. YES!!! I am DYING to read this book!!! It sounds SO GOOD!!! I believe King Arthur really lived. Maybe not everything about him is "real" but I believe there was a King Arthur and the round table.
    Thank you SO MUCH for this AWESOME giveaway!!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    I believe there was a King Arthur, but as will all good tales, the story got bigger and more heroic with each telling.

  1. Real, but I don't think the stories are.

  1. pam said...:

    I think he was real!

  1. Nancy said...:

    Real, a charismatic figure on whom legends are based.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I think he was real

  1. Leigh Ann said...:

    I think he was probably real. The stories have to come from somewhere right?? Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I found you on Book Blogs and I am now your newest follower! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you'll stop by for a visit sometime when you get the chance. :)
    Leigh Ann
    MaMa's Book Corner

  1. Tammy said...:

    I think he really lived.

  1. I think that King Arthur really lived. His story has grown to mythic proportions.

    I just read a time travel story that mentioned him (BEAT TO A PULP). It would be cool if it was true.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Fingers crossed to win.

  1. I think it's true but I think the whole Merlin thing may be exaggerated and perhaps the whole sword in the stone thing as well.

  1. Brynna said...:

    I dunno. I like to think of it as real, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I think he was a real person.

  1. I think he was a real person and that over time his stories have been exaggerated and/or combined with other stories.

  1. Katherine said...:

    I think he was a real king who became a mythic figure.

  1. meryvamp said...:

    I think there is some truth to the legend.