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150+ Book Giveaway ANNOUNCEMENTS

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Hey guys!

The last author giveaway was yesterday, so now you just keep tweeting/sharing/commenting on all the authors' rafflecopters until August 9th.

After August 9th, I'll email the winners. There will NOT be a post saying who the winners are, you'll know when you receive an email. I want to point out that the people with the most entries are usually the people who win. If you tweet, share on social media, or do anything else to gain more entries your chance of winning goes up! I know this from experience; keep up with the entries!

You'll get an email from me - Rachel - so keep a look-out anytime after the 9th. I have over 50 people to email so it is possible that it will take me a few weeks.

I had so much fun putting this together! Thank you all for participating!


  1. Anubha said...:

    Thank you for such an amazing event :)

  1. Anonymous said...:


  1. Krystal Larson said...:

    What a terrible blog layout

  1. Unknown said...:

    Are you going to do this next year? It was really fun participating in it and hearing about new books :)