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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jennifer Smith

This Is What Happy Looks Like


If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

When teenage movie star Graham Larkin accidentally sends small town girl Ellie O'Neill an email about his pet pig, the two seventeen-year-olds strike up a witty and unforgettable correspondence, discussing everything under the sun, except for their names or backgrounds. 

Then Graham finds out that Ellie's Maine hometown is the perfect location for his latest film, and he decides to take their relationship from online to in-person. But can a star as famous as Graham really start a relationship with an ordinary girl like Ellie? And why does Ellie want to avoid the media's spotlight at all costs?


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  1. Vanessa L said...:

    I don't think I would answer-I'd be freaking out and too scared to think about it. :P

  1. I think I would be too scared to even open the email.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I would totally answer it; weirder things have happened to me ;)

  1. bn100 said...:

    no, wouldn't think it was real

  1. I would definitely answer it. It could be life changing but without a little exploring...I'd imagine life would get pretty boring. lol ;p

  1. Juana said...:

    I would answer it.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  1. Nicole :) said...:

    I think so, if I wasn't freaking out so much

  1. Grampy said...:

    I would assume it was another scam, like the Nigerian multi-million dollar scam, and delete it without opening it. I've gotten so many emails from Publishers Clearing House that I WISHED were "fate", but so far that hasn't panned out for me!

  1. Katiria said...:

    No way I would not open it I would be to scare too

  1. Berenice said...:

    I would definitely be doubtful but I'd for sure open and read the email. I'm not sure if I would respond. Depends on what it said, I guess...

  1. Unknown said...:

    Probably not, I would be terrified!

  1. erin said...:

    yes - but I'd have a lot of questions :)

  1. I might, but I'd probably think it was phishing and delete it.

  1. I would probably be skeptical and delete it...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes but I would probably scare fate away with all my questions! :)

  1. Hmmm....great question! I would answer. I would have to. If I didn't I would always wonder what it was.

  1. I probably wouldn't. I'd rather be surprised by my life, not live in fear of what's to come.

  1. i would, sure it might take some mystery out of life, but at least i'll have the idea of whats in store for me.

  1. Sabryy said...:

    I don't think I would open it. Or maybe I'll just be curious.

  1. Say said...:

    I probably would. life is full of'll never know the answer unless you face it.

  1. Kiku said...:

    Well, all dependson what's written there, but I don't think I'd even believe that it really was fate. I don't believe in fate.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I'd open it but i'm not sure gonna reply it :)

  1. Cassi said...:

    I would open it :)

  1. I wouldn't answer it because I would think it was just spam.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I'd want to know what Fate has in store for me :)

  1. Brynna said...:

    Oooh! I really have no idea. If I opened it, I would reply, but I'm not sure I would open it.

  1. Melissa said...:

    I would probably delete it because it looked like spam :-)

  1. Unknown said...:

    I would answer because you never now what the future holds.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Sure I would! Thanks!

  1. I'd probably think it was a scam, like all those that come from so person overseas who says he has a 23.6-billion-dollar account that he wants you to take care of, and that he'll give you an outrageous amount of it in return.

  1. Isabel C said...:

    I don't know. I'd probably discard the email.

  1. I would probably make sure it wasn't a spam mail and then I might tell them that they have the wrong email.I highly doubt though that I would get an email from someone who doesn't know me seeing that my name can't be mistakened for someone else.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I think I would read it, but I wouldnt want to answer.

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    Unfortunately, I would probably think it was spam.

  1. Jillyn said...:

    It'd probably get sent to my spam folder.

  1. Curiosity might just get the better of me.

  1. Chantelle said...:

    I'd hope so, but I think not. I'd probably mistake it for spam.

  1. Ileana A. said...:

    I don't know. I would open it but it would be a bit suspicious, LOL!

  1. Amber said...:

    I don't think so... I'm naturally suspicious... (sadly)

  1. Unknown said...:

    I dunno. Maybe yes. :)))) Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

  1. Anubha said...:

    I am not sure... most probably I won't even open the mail and if I do open it then depending on its content I will decide should I answer it or not

  1. Katherina said...:

    Probably not unless it had a catchy title

  1. Oh yes! Unless I could tell it was spam, of course.

  1. Frances said...:

    Yes!! Unless it ended up in the spam folder by mistake..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I definitely would... in fact I did! I met my boyfriend through emails! Its one of the best things that has happened to me! Thank you for this amazing giveaway and the chance to win!

  1. C. said...:

    It's hard to say what I'd do. I think it depends on what the content of the email is, but first I'd have to decide if I'd even open it. I get too many spams already!

  1. Sam said...:

    No, I'd probably assume it was spam.

  1. Unknown said...:

    No... I probably think it was a prank and I'd delete it

  1. No, I just would delete it

  1. I probably wouldn't even see it. It would go straight to spam along with my lottery winning notifications and penis enlargement deals.

  1. i will answer because i am very curious ..
    thx u :)

  1. Christine N. said...:

    Honestly no XD

  1. Yes. I don't think I'd be able not to. At least not if I thought it was real, which I probably wouldn't.

  1. If I recognized the address. Otherwise, no. I'm not a fan of spam. I'd prefer if fate sent me a tweet.

  1. meryvamp said...:

    Sure, why not? Well, as long as there's no spam.

  1. Stacy said...:

    Probably not, mainly because I do not read my e-mail in a timely fashion (my inbox is constantly filling up) and I am terrible about replying to emails.

  1. _Sandra_ said...:

    To be quite honest, I probably wouldn't even open the mail, some things are better not to know.
    Thanks for a giveaway! :)

  1. Does it matter if you do or don't? If it's meant to be it'll happen anyway.