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150+ Book Giveaway Elana Johnson - US/Can

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Elana Johnson



seduced by power,
broken by control,
and consumed by love...

Vi has made her choice between Jag and Zenn, and the Resistance may have suffered for it. But with the Thinkers as strong as ever, the rebels still have a job to do. Vi knows better than anyone that there's more at stake than a few broken hearts. 

But there is a traitor among them...and the choices he makes could lead to the total destruction of everything Vi has fought for.

Vi, Jag, and Zenn must set their problems aside for the Resistance to have any hope of ending the Thinkers' reign. Their success means everything...and their failure means death.


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  1. I try to tell them to read the book. Because there are always some differences between the book and movie. And they might end up liking the book better. I know that its happened to me. My sister told me to read The Pillars of the Earth. And instead I watched the mini-series and I couldn't get into the show. So I told her and she kept telling me that you HAVE to read the book and that's its way better than the mini-series. And of course I didn't listen to her. But I will eventually read the book.

  1. Vivien said...:

    I try to tell them to read the book. Unfortunately, most people just don't read. So there usually isn't a point at all trying to convince them. They've already decided.

  1. I would tell them to read the book. Then they might change their opinion about the movie.

  1. Tammy said...:

    Depends, if the book was good, if the movie was good, if the person has good taste. ..

  1. bn100 said...:

    Don't say anything

  1. Unknown said...:

    I've been going through this battle with my sister for years! She's not really a reader at the moment, but I'm still working on her! I believe that if I keep pestering her long enough, she might concede. I know she'll love the books way more, but she's still in denial.

  1. I do try to convince them to give the book a try. I did it with "Beautiful Creatures". My boyfriend hated the movie and I told him to read the book and he agreed to :)

  1. Cassi said...:

    I just smile and think about how clueless they are.

  1. I usually tell people like that to read the book, but just as a small suggestion. I'm too lazy to really try to get someone to read something :P

  1. Unknown said...:

    i try to convince them to read the book.. but a lot of people dont share my book interest like i do..

  1. meryvamp said...:

    I'd probably suggest they try the book, but if they didn't pick it up, I wouldn't really push the issue. It's up to them to pick up the book and decide if the book was better.

  1. If I've already read the book that the movie was based on I would tell them to read the book. I've already done that before with some books/movies.

  1. Vanessa L said...:

    Me: "Just read the book! It's so much better than the movie!"

  1. Unknown said...:

    I will shake my head and then tell them to read the book.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I tell them to read the book and then rant about all the things that were changed.

  1. Katherina said...:

    I would tell them to read the book unless the movie was really bad, then I'd agree but I'd still tell them to read the book!

  1. I try to convince them to try the book. It is often a completely different experience.

  1. Christine N. said...:

    Convince them. Books can create settings that movies cannot :)

  1. I entered your 150+ Book Giveaway.
    It would be great to win a copy of
    Abandon By Elana Johnson.
    In response to your question of
    What do you say to people that say they hated a movie, that was based on a book, but they say they never read. Do you try to convince them to try the book or just shake your head in bewilderment?
    I have never actually had this conversation.
    Most people i know don't read very much.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!