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White Lies, Black Blood by Trevor Ennis

Monday, November 21, 2011

White Lies, Black Blood is an epic depiction of a young white woman's journey into her uncovered world of ancestrally linked black heritage and her mind blowing awakening to racism's realities and hidden truths. She, young white Angelica, grows up despising and attacking dark skinned people. However, against everything she was taught, she comes to realized that Adam and Eve; created black and in the image of God, spawned nations of people with common ancestral traits that included varied skin colors like that of her own. She further discovered that as a result of God's divine preordained progeny, all earthly nations multiplied as diluted variation of the original black man. All races bled and still bleeds a common red blood, faintly tainted with the original drip of ancestral Black Blood. In the course of time, unlike so many people like her, Angelica stands face to face with the frightening truth that her senseless racial attack on ordained blackness was also a sacrilegious attack on the original creation of God and the innate blackness that also dwelled within her. The story is fiction but contain elements of non-fiction. Many people will be able to relate to this novel because even though fiction is a lie, in every lie dwells some amount of truth and in every truth dwells an amount of lie. My purpose for writing about racism is to peel away lies and expose certain 'truths'. This I have done despite the fact that certain influential elements of society will object and will still choose to hold on to lies and the past rather than face heart rending non-fictional truth in the book. Racism is not unconquerable. The change-train for racism is here, has been here and continues to rumble through adversities. It cannot be stopped and it will not be derailed. So those with warped, progress-obstructing minds need only to get on board because if not, they are going to be left behind, lost in the grinded archaic social shambles of the past. This is not a book that breaks down huge socio-political encounters using analytical verbiage nor is it written from the mind of one who has a doctorate degree on numerous subjects and writes on a level that is way above the level of the ordinary man so that only the highly educated can understand and be impressed by complicated lies. This is not one of those books. The points of views are from right where I stand, an ordinary man putting on paper what I see, feels and thinks. Furthermore, please note that nor does the book's political undertones reflect the perspectives and thought process of the Hannities, the O'Reillies, the Becks, the slanted perspectives of FOX news network, the Senator Joe Wilsons, power hungry Tea Partiers, the wealthy and selfish Republicans politicians or the small extremely wealthy special interest minority. It is a story with plots, and scenes, and dialogue and themes, mind boggling sex and even details of a flying bullet into the head of one of the world's most renowned celebrity. It reflects the point of view of ordinary people, the majority, the poor, justice seekers and the many who desire that racism should no longer be used as an instrument of exploitation. It articulates their voices so that they too can be seen, heard and felt. In this book, the eggshells of lies have already been peeled so what you will be reading is plain and simple truth encased in love. A gripping page turner...without hesitation, you have got to read this book.

Goodreads Summary

A statement the author makes on the back cover of this book applies perfectly "Fiction is a lie, but in every lie dwells some amount of truth."  The reader will have to make up his/her mind about how truthful or not this novel's premise is, but it is certainly interesting.  The characters are unique, the author is definitely pushing a certain character on the reader-one that he wants liked.  Angelica is definitely hard to like, the author doesn't give her too many redeeming qualities-again, the reader will have to make up his/her own mind.  There are many strong view points discussed in this book; they may make for good conversation food for thought.  The author does a good job at portraying his argument well, there are several good points.   The summation above does a terrific job of explaining the plot.  There is a very harsh undertone through  part of the book which varies with the gentler tone towards the end. 

3 Stars

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