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Broken Captive by BK Walker

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Jenna Mathews lived a life of pain. With an abusive mother and a father that doesn't have time, isolation swamps her. Pain envelops her daily and her only release...self mutilation. When Jeff Simon reaches out to her, showing her what love truly is, Jenna feels hope for the first time in her life. Hope falls short though when Jeff is tragically ripped from her life, and she turns back to doing the only thing that gives her an escape.

What the future has in beyond what she could have ever fathomed.

Short story of fiction, pain, love and healing.

Goodreads Summary

What do you do when it seems like your life is falling apart?  How do you deal with your emotions?  The main character, Jenna, is in a bad place during this novel.  She deals with a mother who abuses her and a father who doesn't appear to care very much about her welfare.  Jenna is also a cutter.  She harms herself to release emotions.  Jenna is a very sympathetic character, it is hard not to feel bad for her throughout most of the book.  Her life begins to turn around when she meets Jeff.  Jeff becomes a bit of a love interest as well as friend; he stabilizes her.  The book takes off from there.

The characters were easy to like, Jenna and Jeff that is.  The author makes Jenna's pain and raw emotions so real, the reader will feel as if Jenna could be a friend of his/hers.  Jeff complements Jenna perfectly, the reader will be rooting for their relationship.  The events were fast-paced and intriguing, particularly when Jenna meets Jeff.  The ending was perfect, wouldn't change a thing.  This book is recommended to adult readers, maybe young adult as well depending on how they would approach the topic of cutting. 

5 Stars

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  1. Thank you for the chance to read your book! I really enjoyed it :)