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A Survivor’s Guide to Kicking Cancer’s Ass by: Dena Mendes

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
It’s a ballsy move to look in the face of cancer and say, “I’m gonna kick your ass!” Yet Dena Mendes did just that, and now she’ll tell you how to do the same thing!
This book is a crash course in learning how to be your own advocate. Empower yourself by using your intuition and newfound knowledge, and you’ll come through this difficult yet amazing health-awakening opportunity with flying colors. With this step-by-step guide at your side, your journey will turn into a beautiful dance,. As Dena promises, “You’ll get to turn yourself inside out and become someone new. I guarantee that this is the best trip you’ll ever take!”
This guide is a life preserver that has been created to support you
on your journey back to perfect health. . . .

Goodreads Summary
We’ve all experienced the heartbreaking affect of cancer on loved ones and friends.  Many of us will experience the “surreal trip” of hearing a diagnosis of cancer ourselves.  Dena Mendes’ book begins with the story of her own battle with cancer.  Then, she continues with details and suggestions about treatments.  Her research and experiences have much to offer a reader who is looking for an optimum treatment – especially for patients with breast cancer.  She frequently reminds the reader that her suggestions were right for her…and may not be the best course for another person.  She reminds us to trust our intuitions and dreams. 

In addition, Mendes has suggestions which will benefit all her readers, but especially those who are dealing with cancer.  Her comment that “cancer gives you the gift of freedom from the old constraints that bound you” is inspiring.  She counsels others to “recombobulate: reinvent, revamp, refocus, and renew.”  A list of “Max’s healing instructions” on page 43 is concise and ….not impossible to achieve.  (Mendes introduces Max – her personal guru and a natural healer.)  Some of her suggestions, especially regarding food, may seem impossible.  Giving up sugar and dairy – and eating seaweed will probably sound impractical to most readers.  However, since much of the author’s advice sounds sensible and reasonable (best sleep is sleep by 10,) it may be important for health and healing to consider her advice.  The allegory of treating ourselves like a garden is appealing.  What nutrition, rest, sunshine, or rain do we need for optimal wellness?

Adults, who are dealing with cancer themselves or are interested for a loved one’s benefit, will profit from reading this book.  Those who would like to improve their overall wellness would also enjoy reading the suggestions and positive attitude underlying the author’s writing.

Four Stars

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