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Me and My Manny by M. A. Macafee

Sunday, November 6, 2011
To ease her loneliness, Judy Mason orders a wooden replica of her husband, Harry, a sailor aboard ship at sea. Instead of Harry’s facsimile, the anatomically incorrect manny turns out to be a caricature of him. No matter. Her girlfriends are not only envious that she has found a friend and potential business partner in the dummy; they also want to borrow him and pay for his company by the hour. But their husbands soon become suspicious, most of all Harry who, when he returns home from sea, is convinced that the dummy is out to take him over. Harry’s jealousy, his odd behavior, and strange goings on in their apartment building near Seattle, convinces Judy that he may be right. To put an end to Harry’s uncanny switch from man to manny, Judy resorts to extremes. As usual, the outcome of her efforts is a series of comical blunders with hilarious consequences. The idea that sex sells endures, and, as in Me and My Manny, so does making fun of it.
Amazon Summary
What kind of woman would consider replacing her husband with a wooden replica?  A lonely woman, of course.  Judy's husband spends long lengths of time away from home when he is working as a sailor.  Judy feels his absence when he is away.  To Judy, the wooden replica is the perfect solution.
However, not everyone sees it Judy's way.  Her girlfriends are actually supportive, but their husbands...and Judy's husband, see the wooden replica trying to take Harry, Judy's husband, out of the picture.  This story consists of funny moments attempting to stop the wooden replica from taking over Harry's rightful place as well as convincing the other characters that the wooden replica just isn't the same as the real Harry.
The characters themselves were memorable, amusing to say the least.  The reader will likely connect with them easily.  The events were fast-paced and the reader will finish this book easily, it is hard to put down.  The ending was a bit surprising, but highly satisfying.  This book is recommended to adult readers.
4 Stars
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