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Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose

Thursday, November 24, 2011
The Larkin sisters are used to hearing whispers behind their backs. Being raised by hippie parents in the small resort town of Barringer’s Pass, Colorado, they were always considered oddballs, and for a while, they did everything they could to earn the name. But now, older and wiser, they're discovering that it's not so great to be the wild child, and are struggling to earn a new place for themselves in town.

When Maggie Larkin resists the come-ons of a sleazy actor in town to shoot a film, she pisses off more than a pretty boy and his manager. Turns out that Rafe DeLuca isn't just a movie star...he's possibly a killer, and Maggie's landed herself in more trouble than she could imagine. Enter Cal Drummond, cop extraordinaire, who's been trailing DeLuca himself for weeks, convinced that his recently murdered sister is one of Rafe's victims. He's determined not to let another woman be victimized by the dangerous Rafe, and if that means sticking like glue to Maggie, so be it.

Maggie and Cal seem like perfect opposites, but as we all know...opposites attract!

Goodreads Summary

Looking for a great romance for Christmas?  This book has romance, intrigue, and action.  Maggie, the main character, is surprisingly patient.  Her patience runs out when Rafe DeLuca pushes her too far, insulting the Larkin sisters and touching her inappropriately.  What she isn't counting on is that Rafe may be a little more unhinged than she first thought...he might be a murderer.  Now that Maggie is in danger, she needs to watch her every step.  Cal, a cop, protects Maggie; he has a personal reason for protecting Maggie from Rafe-Rafe very likely killed his sister.  The story takes off from there.

Maggie is a great main character.  She is brassy and tough; she can certainly be patient, but she knows when to put a stop to something.  Cal is sweet.  He manages to be both a "tough guy" and amazingly caring.  The two complement each other perfectly.  The secondary characters, besides Rafe, are mostly there to round out the story.  Rafe is the perfect antagonist.  He is honestly portrayed as cold-blooded and gross when it comes to his treatment of women. 

The events of this novel are fast-paced and exciting.  The main characters are easy to get to know and likable.  The ending of the book is perfect.  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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