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Precisely Terminatd by Amanda L. Davis

Monday, November 28, 2011
With microchips implanted in their skulls at birth, the slaves of Cantral and Cillineese have labored under the tyrannical rule of the Nobles and their computers for decades. Monica, a Noble who avoided the implanting and escaped a death sentence at the age of four, is now sixteen and is in hiding. She lives with the slaves inside the walls of the Cantral palace, pretending to be one of them while the slave council plots a way to use her chip-less state to destroy the all-powerful computers that strike down any hint of rebellion.
The Nobles hear of Monica’s survival and try to exterminate her before she ruins their upper-class utopia. The rebels send her to find a missing paper bearing instructions on how to shut down the computers that control the chips in Cillineese, a major city-state. The Nobles are alerted to the plan and prepare to seal Cillineese in a giant dome to gas the inhabitants, including Monica.
The fate of millions rides on Monica’s shoulders. As the only chip-less person in the world, she must find the paper, destroy the computers, and free Cillineese from the Nobles’ iron fist before they strike with the ultimate punishment—death for everyone inside the city walls.

Goodreads Summary

Get ready to dive into this intriguing dystopian?  The author creates a world so realistic the reader will be left thinking about the book long after placing it down for the time being.  The details of every aspect are there for the reader to form a picture of the characters, environment, dynamic scenes, etc...

Monica, the main character, is one of the best features of this book.  She is very dynamic in the story, she slowly matures throughout the book from a slightly self-centered girl to a proud, brave young woman.  She will make the reader proud as she strives to help the others around her.  The other secondary characters are extremely interesting and each will affect different readers in different ways.  The secondary characters are not the "wallpaper" in this novel, the author describes them carefully and in full detail.

The events of this book are fast-paced and exciting, who doesn't love a great dystopian?  The characters drive this story, Monica's actions set off a chain of events that will have the reader on the edge of his/her seat.  This book will end with a twist and the reader will look forward to a sequel.  This novel is recommended to young adult/teens. 

4 Stars

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