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Killing Rites by M.L.N. Hanover

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Jayné Heller has discovered the source of her uncanny powers; something else is living inside her body. She's possessed. Of all her companions, she can only bring herself to confide in Ex, the former priest. They seek help from his old teacher and the circle of friends he left behind, hoping to cleanse Jayné before the parasite in her becomes too powerful.
Ex's history and a new enemy combine to leave Jayné alone and on the run. Her friends, thinking that the rider with her has taken the reins, try to hunt her down, unaware of the danger they're putting her in. Jayné must defeat the weight of the past and the murderous intent of another rider, and her only allies are a rogue vampire she once helped free and the nameless thing hiding inside her skin.

Goodreads Summary

Jayne once again faces a difficult decision.  She has learned that she is harboring a parasite; however, that parasite has saved her life on more than one occasion.  In fact, the parasite aka a rider may even be the source of her unusual powers.  Jayne turns to her friends and deep thought before she makes a move concerning her new found problem. 

Aubrey is completely gone from this novel, to be expected, of course, as Jayne had broken up with him in the third novel.  Ex is a driving force in this novel.  Jayne and Ex are growing closer, but what are the consequences?  Ex introduces her to priests who can perform an exorcism on her-but is that her final decision?  Jayne will have to figure out how she wants her relationship to go with Ex, should she remain friends or try for that "special something?" 

Jayne has many epiphanies in this book.  She is far more thoughtful and mature.  Ex is sweet, but he doesn't necessarily have all the answers for Jayne.  This book has action, thought not as much as the third.  The reader will grow still closer to Jayne.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults.

5 Stars

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