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It's Simple by Michelle Richardson

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Living on opposite coasts, Chase and Tia are from dramatically different backgrounds, which epitomize the makings of an ill-fated relationship. After all, what could a celebrity NBA star and budding attorney deeply entrenched in the national political scene have in common?

Best friends and lovers, Chase and Tia provide a unique look at how their choices impact their journey; offering a truthful and sometimes painful rendering of real life scenarios and how two fiercely driven and stubborn lovers choose to handle them.

The read will not be a traditional one. Richardson's novel takes conventional relationships and turns them right side up allowing the reader to view life and relationships from a different perspective-a refreshing look at the possibilities.

While accompanying Chase and Tia on their journey, the reader not only glimpses their lives and those in their circle of influence, but also takes a transformative look at their own. After peeling back the layers of all relationships, most struggles are universally the same.

Goodreads Summary

This was a terrific book!  I was surprised by how much I got to know and enjoy the characters.  Tia and Chase were high school sweethearts, they separate during college then decide to reunite again.  However, it is not always easy to pick up where you left off.  Chase goes with the L.A. Lakers and Tia is on the opposite side of the country working under Obama.  It would be easy for the relationship to falter.  The story takes off from here.

The characters made the book a very enjoyable read.  Tia was very goal-oriented and accomplished, Chase was tough and handsome.  They complemented each other very well in the book.  The secondary characters round out the story.

The events are fairly fast-paced and the ending was sublime-can't imagine it ending any other way.  This book was certainly entertaining, though some of the issues seemed a little exaggerated at times.  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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