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The Fix-It Shop by Frederick Alimonti

Sunday, November 6, 2011
'Everything has a story,' Lunden explained. 'In fact, most things have many stories. In order to fix something properly, one needs to know more about it than simply what is broken. You need to know its story. It sounds strange, but to fix something, I mean really fix something, involves a lot more than mechanics or engineering. This toaster of yours has quite a lot to say, and, with a little fixing, quite a few more stories yet to gather.' Taconic New York is a sleepy town. In fact, it's practically dead. Tommy Jameson wonders what has happened to 'his town.' One day, an odd little man opens Ed's Fix-It Shop. Ed Lunden, its mysterious owner, seems able to fix everything even a hopelessly cracked baseball bat is returned to its owner 'better than new' and fit for play. Can this strange man fix only things? Do his abilities extend to people and perhaps even the whole 'broken' town? Find out in The Fix-It Shop: A Story of Music, Magic, a Baseball Bat, and a Toaster.

Amazon Summary

Tommy is a very special main character.  Although he is in a wheel-chair most of his life, he still appears to make the best of things.  When Ed Lunden moves to town and opens up shop, Tommy hopes that Mr. Lunden may be able to fix him as well.  However, through Mr. Lunden's careful tutelage and some intervening events, Tommy learns that maybe nothing is broken. 

Tommy as a character was precious.  He is likable, sweet, and funny.  Mr. Lunden, likewise, is likable.  The characters will stick with the reader even after the reader finishes the short story.  The events were fast-paced and charming for the most part.  Parents and children alike will enjoy this story.  The vocabularly was kept simple enough for children ages eight or nine and up to read.  The book will certainly keep the childrens' attention.  This book is recommended to parents and their younger children/middle grade.

5 Stars

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