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Guest Post by Author Stephanie Norris!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stephanie Nicole Norris

about her book: Trouble In Paradise is a dramatic love story about a African American couple looking to move forward and share their lives together. In the beginning of this story Victoria and her fiancé Joshua are moving from their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to Chicago, Illinois for an internship Victoria (the main character) has just locked in, in her career.

The couple starts out positive and show their undying love for each other as they make their way, but and ex girlfriend is vexed, confused, and unable to move on. Instead she finds out the couple has moved and decides to take matters into her own hands by leaving Memphis and flying to Chicago to create mayhem for the lovely couple.

Along the way lies are told, secrets are revealed and mistakes are made before the couple can get settled into their new city and home. It seems once hell breaks loose it isn't easy to get things back the way they were and they’re in for the fight of their lives.

My inspiration to write this book came from the many characters and stories that live in my head. They roam around looking for an out and this was the best way to let them live. :)

The primary readers for my book would more than likely be women ages 18 to 45. The title came naturally because of so much trouble the couple endures in the book. Also the name of the condominiums they reside in once they reach Chicago are called "Paradise Condominiums" so that is how I got Trouble In Paradise.

I gave the cover designer inspiration and he was able to put together and awesome cover. The girl on the front of course is the nemesis can't you tell she's mad?

The hardest part of writing this book was writing the nemesis part because she was so crazed and foolish. It took a lot of energy out of me.

I wrote this book purely for entertainment purposes but noticed a lot of lessons along the way.

To my reader's: I love and appreciate you for reading and reviewing this book. Thank you for giving a new author a chance! :)


Trouble In Paradise

Victoria is thankful for a lot of things- Joshua, the love of her life, a career change that starts a new chapter, and a condo in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Her jaw drops when she opens the garage and finds a brand new Cadillac wrapped in a huge bow. She is ecstatic and ready for the next steps towards her future. This is Victoria’s fresh beginning.

When Victoria and Joshua start their journey things take a turn for the worse. Victoria finds out that her nemesis and Joshua’s ex, Danielle Shumaker has flown to Chicago to try to get Joshua back. Victoria is determined to win this fight, when she finds out Joshua has secrets of his own. Distraught, confused, and mad as hell she falls into the arms of another. When emotions run high and desire digs deep Victoria finds herself caught up in Trouble.

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    This sounds like an interesting read, thanks for sharing.