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Guest Post and Giveaway by Author Lorin Barber

Sunday, July 22, 2012
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Guest Post:

Unlike many in the field I didn’t always want to be a writer. In fact, after my 1st Grade Teacher gave me a C- in penmanship I never wanted to write anything again. It got slightly better when in High School my parents gave me an electric typewriter, the leading technology of the day.
I pursued a career in business and went on to become quite clear and succinct in my communication, once being referred to as “brevity incarnate”, not necessarily a sought for quality in a writer.
Upon reaching middle age I found myself spending a year working in Wisconsin while my family remained on the West Coast. The winters are long and cold in Wisconsin and one can only watch re-runs of “Die Hard” so many times. I dawned on me that perhaps I could write a book. By that time laptops had been invented and the task seemed less onerous.
I wrote my first full length novel. Being, “brevity incarnate” a full length novel was difficult. I sent it to about 50 publishers. I got rejection form letters from about ½, nothing from the rest. My wife didn’t even like it.
I wrote another book with the same result. By the 3rd try my wife kind of liked it and one publisher actually sent me a letter of constructive criticism with a short list of changes I should make. I made them and they turned my down.
My first three books had been written by just sitting down and writing. It was exciting that way because I was always anxious to see what would happen next as the story unfolded. One major problem with that approach was that I am an impatient reader  and writer. When I read a book I always suffer through the details and descriptions crying inside for the author to stop it and let me know how the crisis will be resolved. I knew that I would have to learn to write with enough content to fill a story completely.
Now, when I write something suspenseful I repeat to myself “make them suffer, make them suffer”. I want the reader to ache to know what will happen. I’m still so impatient myself that I must re-write a scene over and over adding a line or two each time before I feel that the reader has suffered sufficiently.
Copernicus H. (Nick) Stringfellow is my fourth full length novel, my second published work. (The first was a non-fiction book about being a grandfather.) As of this writing I’ve had about 30 reviews. A review is torture for an author as a book is a part of you and criticism hurts. Never the less honest self reflection tells me that the bulk of the criticism is true.
I’m a far from perfect writer and the ways I must improve are clear by statements made repeatedly by reviewers. Criticism aside, most that have reviewed Copernicus have liked it, and many have loved it. No book will appeal to everyone but there is a good sized audience that appreciate this work.
Who will enjoy “The Secret Life”? Anyone who is a nerd, loves a nerd or has ever enjoyed observing a nerd. Anyone who believes in good and evil and roots for the good. Anyone who has enough innocent child left to laugh and love and enjoy without worrying about the stylistic inadequacies of the author.
I’ll become a better writer, but I don’t know if I’ll ever write a book that I love more than “The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow”.

“The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow” is the story of a brain so powerful it can stop a speeding vehicle or heal internal bleeding.

“Orphaned at the age of two when his father shot his mother, Copernicus H. (Nick) Stringfellow is a genius of unprecedented capacities. Educated in Medicine, Engineering and almost every other scholarly discipline at America’s leading Universities, Nick goes quietly about the country performing miraculous feats. He devotes his life to saving others and combating evil while striving to remain conspicuously anonymous.”
Barber’s novel brings Copernicus to Seattle where opportunities for changing lives, including his own are abundant. He makes family of friends and friends of acquaintances as all learn that when it comes to his activities you “just don’t ask”.

“As the story unfolds Nick is held at gunpoint by a grungy teenage hitchhiker he has picked up. Nonchalantly letting his mind wander to happier hitchhiking adventures Nick is threatened with death by the greasy youth. As the trigger is pulled the kid finds himself shot in the leg and the weapon moved to Nick’s hand. Expelled from the car with his wound healing, a $100 bill in hand and an admonition to “never use a gun again” the adolescent sees Nick calmly drive away leaving him a lonely walk back to civilization.

In his disguise as a ‘Nurse at Large’ Nick enters the society of Harborview Hospital in Seattle. The mini civilization of the Institution includes patients to be healed, coworkers to elevate and protect, and arrogant doctors to be put in their place. Nick embarks on his errand using telekinesis, mental marvels and common sense, all the while munching on the Twinkies that seem to impart supernatural skills to his already impressive intellect.

About Lorin Barber:

I began writing “Copernicus” during a period of unemployment in 2004. I got re-employed then inherited a construction related business which went under during the recession in 2010. With a lot of free time on my hands again I was able to finish and have accepted for publishing the manuscript for “The Secret Life”.

I’m now working, though greatly under-employed and am hoping that success with “The Secret Life” will allow me to quit my day job and finish a sequel that I have begun, as well as several others in a series about “Copernicus”.


Lorin Barber has an MBA from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language. He has had a successful career in Manufacturing Management, travelled the world in business assignments and run his own company. He has six children and so far eight grandchildren. He lives in a small town outside of Seattle with his wife of 38 years. In his spare time you might find him panning for gold in the wilds of Washington State.

Contact Info:
Facebook: Lorin Barber
Twitter @lorinbarber
Goodreads: Lorin Barber

“The Secret Life” can be purchased at Amazon
Or at Barnes and Noble and many other .coms around the world.

It is also available through many retail book outlets.

GIVEAWAY: One person from USA or CAN will receive a hardcopy of this book.  Please leave a comment with your email for a chance to read this book!  Giveaway will end 7/31.


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