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Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

Monday, March 19, 2012
With nothing to their names, young widow Rosa Garner and her mother-in-law return to Texas and the family ranch. Only now the county is demanding back taxes and the women have only three months to pay. Though facing eviction, Rosa can't keep herself from falling in love with the countryside and the wonderful extended family who want only her best. Learning the American customs is not easy, however, and this beautiful young widow can't help but catch wandering eyes. Where some offer help with dangerous strings attached, only one man seems honorable. But when Weston Garner, still grieving his own lost love, is unprepared to give his heart, to what lengths will Rosa go to save her future?

Goodreads Summary

Newly widowed, Rosa Garner and her mother-in-law return from Mexico to Garner land in Texas where they find that the family farm is hopelessly buried in back taxes…with only three months to earn the money. With the friendship of extended family, Rosa and Louise join in the social life of the community while Rosa works at every opportunity, using creativity, ingenuity, diligence, and all her strength to earn enough to pay the taxes. Her efforts are confounded by the attraction which grows between her and Weston Garner, a heart-broken widow who feels he could never marry again. More complications exist in the form of Rosa’s new friend who has her heart set on handsome Weston and his successful ranch. There’s also a scary, wife-beating neighbor prowling around Rosa causing her to fear for her safety and reputation in the already prejudiced town.

Rosa and Weston make you love them. Author Jennings creates characters that feel so real…you wish they were. Rosa’s loyalty to family (that she didn’t even know until recently), her generosity, her optimism, her sense of fairness, and attempts to fit in – even when she feels she must hide her own heritage - just endear her to the reader. Weston’s sense of chivalry, morals, generosity, and honor make him a lovable white knight. Even better – a great-looking cowboy! Their kind hearted attitudes and efforts to act out their Christian religion despite hardships, misunderstandings, and sadness makes these characters shine. A terrific Western romance!

Four and a half Stars  

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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