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Double by Jenny Valentine

Thursday, March 15, 2012
When the sixteen-year-old runaway Chap is mistaken for a missing boy named Cassiel, his life changes dramatically. Chap takes on Cassiel's identity, gaining the family and friends he's always dreamed of having. But becoming someone else isn't as easy as he hoped--and Chap isn't the only one hiding a secret. As he teeters on the brink of discovery and begins to unravel the mystery behind Cassiel's disappearance, Chap realizes that he's in much deeper danger than he could have imagined.
After all, you can't just steal a life and expect to get away with it.
Award-winning author Jenny Valentine delivers an explosive mystery where dark secrets, betrayal, and loss pave the way for one teen's chance at redemption.

Goodreads Summary

Great mystery books are always fun to read. Chap has never had a typical life, living first with his recluse grandfather and then on the streets and in homes for boys. An ordinary life has always been out of reach, but now, mistaken for a missing boy, he takes on a new identity and a new family. As Chap learns more about the boy, Cassiel, whose identity he has stolen, he uncovers secrets and mystery while trying to conceal his true self.
Double could be enjoyed by anyone over the age of thirteen. There is very little violence and no “mature” content. Valentine’s writing is not specific to any gender or age. Chap’s thoughts are fascinating. They are written as a teen boy would think. Chap questions his situation and wonders if what he is doing is morally wrong. He struggles with whether or not he should confess. Trying to solve the mysteries contained in this book is more than entertaining. Why are Chap and Cassiel identical? Did Cassiel run away, or was he kidnapped? These questions accompany a reader through their experience until the end of the novel.
3 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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