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More Beauty, Less Beast: Transforming Your Inner Ogre by Debora M. Coty

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
If you ever wrestle with that out-of-control inner ogre that threatens to destroy the divinely beautiful princess hidden within, this witty and wise book is for you. With simple, practical tips for taming that nasty, unsightly beast, you’ll discover how to transform its unattractive snarl into inner and outer beauty—refashioned, revitalized, and renewed.

Goodreads Summary

This book is an easy read – separated into 3 larger unit sections containing smaller chapters of about 7 pages.  The sections focus on outer beauty, inner beauty, and beautifying your world.  Reading one of these chapters could be an inspirational start to your day!  Questions to prompt additional thought/action on the day’s topic appear at the end of each chapter.  Topics like “maturing gracefully”, “building confidence”, and “forgiveness”, and “marriage” are related with optimism, terrific humor, and personal stories.  Every topic is also told with a view of how our Lord would view His children as they obsess over relationships and appearances. 

The book is well-written, with humor and friendly wisdom.  It reminds me a little of a book my grandma had by an author named Erma Bombeck because of the humor and woman’s viewpoint.  It’s different though because Coty does include great doses of Bible and Christian teaching that may be too much for some readers.  Frequent references to “Papa God” and some personal information made me a little uncomfortable –because it seemed like I was glimpsing something too private.  Still, I appreciated insights into the author’s thinking and feeling of closeness to God.

Mature readers will enjoy the book…and possibly find inspiration to “transform the inner ogre”.  Younger readers might pick it up – just for the laughs – and develop a better understanding of mom or discover a discerning preview of things to come.

Three and a Half Stars     

*Reviewed by Colleen*
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  1. Unknown said...:

    LOL the title is so funny!

  1. Shannon said...:

    Thanks for posting your review. Always looking for new inspiration so this might just be the ticket. I look forward to picking it up!

  1. Just finished this book via NG. As a teen that grew up in the church, I think if I was younger I would have really enjoyed this book.
    New Follower