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The House of the Wind by Titania Hardie

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Bestselling author Titania Hardie delivers a love story about a woman's voyage to overcome grief at an historic fourteenth century house in Tuscany.

Goodreads Summary

Looking for a different romance?  The writer begins this book with a tragedy that will lead the reader to believe there will be constant action, but what follows is a little like a slow-moving creek.  However, the author has a way of writing that will likely intrigue the reader to keep reading.  A young girl in the 1300's desires to marry her love, but her parents attempt to force her to enter a convent.  She finds herself with a sudden choice and a gust of wind that makes that choice for her.  The reader will enjoy following her story and learning what becomes of her. 

The reader will meet two other women who are bound together in an intricate web of DNA and coincidence.  The reader will get to know both young women very well.  The reader will understand the sad events in their past and their hope for the future.  The novel has a constant undertone of mystery.  The two women discover their ties and the novel weaves back to the myth of Saint Agnes...a myth worth reading up on if one is to read this book.  The author writes with a lyrical twist and fills the book with plenty of detail.  The detail will make the scenery and environment of the places, especially Italy, the novel is set in.  Although the plot does not move as fast as some readers may be used to, this book is definitely worth reading if a reader enjoy romance with intrigue.

4 Stars

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