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Recession Proof by Daniel Maiman, Kimberly Lin

Friday, March 2, 2012
Sometimes going after what you want is the hardest thing you will ever do... Meet Helen. Smart, successful and obliviously trapped. For the past six years, Helen has given her life and her heart to her cushy corporate finance job and to Mark without question. However as the Recession sweeps the Nation, she is one of many left unemployed and with the burning question of what does she really want in life. RECESSION PROOF is a debut novel for anyone that has settled in their career and relationship but has discovered that what really matters in life is living it... "I read the entire book in two sittings. Wonderful read!" - Shirley from Audrey Magazine "I am thoroughly blown away! You write with some spunk and I felt myself nodding along and chuckling while reading it thinking ‘this is so relevant’. You just ‘get’ the feel of the book and where it’s coming from. I probably mean I’m hooked!" -Annie from WEMAKEPLANS

Goodreads Summary

You should aim for your own goal in life, no matter what that goal is.  What happens what all of what you've worked so hard to accumulate vanishes?  Do you smother yourself in self-doubt?  The authors attempt to answer these questions in this book.

Helen finds herself free of a boyfriend, which isn't the worst thing, and free of a job-which is very bad.  Instead of wallowing, Helen decides to figure out what she wants from life-both professionally and for her own enjoyment.  She sets out to find what makes her tick, resulting in a book that will help others with similar questions or problems. 

Helen is easy to relate to.  The reader knows that Helen truly experienced everything she writes in this book.  A reader with similar problems may commiserate and realize that all might not be lost.  Helen's feelings and emotional turmoil are captured in this book eloquently, the reader will have no problem connecting to Helen.  The other "characters"/people in the book will impact different readers in varying ways, they round out the book nicely though.  This book is recommended to those worrying about or wondering about economic problems and what comes after the crash.

4 Stars

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