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Guest Post by Kimberly S. Lin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Inspiration for Recession Proof. Was it based from your own experiences?

The inspiration behind Recession Proof was from my own experience as a young professional woman trying to survive and navigate life as a twenty-something in a recession. Not only survive, but also most importantly, find fulfillment. I think many people struggle with this issue regardless of their age or career/relationship path and that’s why I think the book is so well received. I wanted to tell “our” story.

And I wanted to do it in a way that dealt with serious contemporary issues but in a positive, intelligent, honest and witty way. My girlfriends really inspire me and women in general inspire me. A lot of the conversations in the book were taken verbatim from conversations I had with friends. So many readers get the feeling that they’re looking in a mirror or they’ve had that exact conversation with a friend of theirs.

I think people might be misled by the title. It is far from a serious financial book. I like to think that it’s fun and light. That’s why I chose to write it in the chick-lit genre. I’ve always admired authors like Emily Giffin, who espouse the idea that just because we write stories about women for women— it doesn’t mean our work is fluff. Not that there’s anything wrong with a fun beach read. But what inspires me, as an author is being able to empower women and showcase how we really think and talk. I just hope my readers continue enjoying my work and it continues to resonate and of course, make them laugh.