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Shadows and Fire by Jennifer Fales

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
In the parallel world of the future, mankind has created its own worst enemy - a supernatural species of animal-human hybrids that exact a high toll in return for peace. Step into the dark, and occasionally funny, world of the domes where a brother and sister bridging the gap between these two species struggle to reunite with one another. Meet the menagerie of creatures that impact their lives and a man who would bring redemption, providing he doesn't get lost along the way.

Goodreads Summary

The author created a fantasy world the reader can fall into.  The main characters, Lilith and Laydon, are brother and sister.  As the summary suggests, the siblings are forced from each other and must find a way to reunite.  There are quite a few other characters that could be considered main characters, there are others that walk the line between main and secondary characters as well.  The reader will enjoy being introduced to these very different characters; the only problem with this many characters is that the reader may find it hard to connect to them and remember who is who.

The world the author created is very unique and surprisingly interesting.  It is unlikely that the reader will encounter any other novel with the same plot.  The events are fast-paced, though the reader will not be easily confused as the author carefully lays out the events.  The idea behind this unique world is different and very innovative.  The reader will find it hard not to enjoy the book. 

One of the only complaints was that the book was too short.  It would have been nice to get to know the characters and the world better.  That being said, the author does a good job of drawing the reader in and holding his/her attention.  This is only the author's first novel; hopefully, there are many more to come.  This book is recommended to young adult/teen readers.

3 Stars

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