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44 Days of Random Thoughts & Observations by Jahzara, The Savvy Diva

Sunday, December 4, 2011
Savvy Diva's Take On...was birthed from an array of random thoughts, observations & sometimes rants about love, relationships or just life in general.

Goodreads Summary

The best quality of this book is how much the reader gets to know the author.  Within a few chapters, it is easy to picture the authors' expressions, mannerisms, and natural flair.  The reader may even begin to feel as if the author could be a potential friend.  The writing style is humorous at times, serious at others; the reader will not be bored by a monotonous writing style. 

As amusing as it might seem to name a book, 44 Days of Random Thoughts and Observations, the book is literally as it states.  It is a bit refreshing; the author is not trying to craft a unique story or inform the reader of some issue-it is literally thoughts and observations from the author's life.  A reader can appreciate the thought process of the author.  The chapter titles are catchy and fun, the author will likely hold the readers' attention throughout the story.  The reader will probably come away from this book with a few particular chapters that will remain memorable.  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 stars

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