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The Best Holiday Gifts for Readers

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Tis the season for giving! And if you have a reader on your list this year, you may be wondering what to give them other than the default gift of…well, a book. The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of our own with a few ideas sure to help relieve the stress of finding the perfect present for that special book lover in your life! Check them out:
Give a magazine subscription. Those who enjoy reading books also enjoy catching up on the latest news, events and happenings. With this gift that keeps on giving, each month throughout the year a new issue will arrive directly to their home. Pick out a subscription based on the hobbies and interests of the recipient. If they love shopping, try a subscription to In-Style. If they are travel and adventure seekers, a subscription to National Geographic would be a great choice.
Give wine or coffee. Shopping for a reader doesn’t mean that you have to get them something they will read; you can also get them a gift to enjoy while they read. As many people like to kick back with a beverage and a good book for relaxation, consider getting them either wine or coffee. For the coffee fans, pick out their favorite from Starbuck’s or even get them a gift card there. For the wine connoisseurs, spring for a bottle and maybe even a pair of nice wine glasses.
Give a book weight. Many like to read while they eat or even have multiple books going at one time! If your reader is of this variety and constantly has a book in hand, a book weight makes for a perfect holiday stocking stuffer. The recipient of this gift will be able to keep their books open when they just can’t seem to put them down!
Give a cozy blanket. People love to read in comfort—it takes their mind off other things and helps them escape to great places. So what better way to read during the cold winter months than with a warm blanket? You can find blankets made of the softest fleece that any reader would be sure to include on a brisk night in with a book.
Give an e-reader. One of the hottest gifts around this holiday season that is likely to be found on the list of any book enthusiast is the e-reader. With e-readers like the Kindle, you can give your reader the gift of a massive book selection (over 800,000 titles from which to choose for $10 or less), advanced technology featuring E Ink display that reads just like a book made of paper, built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to access books in 60 seconds, as well as the ability to borrow Kindle books from your public library…all for under $100!

Joe Morris is a guest post author who also happens to be an avid reader himself. In addition to these hobbies, Joe contributes his work to Best Internet Dating Sites where he offers safety tips and relationship advice to singles on the web. 


  1. this is a great post! and i keep forgetting you have that white german shepherd. I am crazy for mine (not white ones, but still...BEST BREED EVER!)

  1. I completely agree-about the post and the German Shepherd :)

  1. Excellent ideas! I'll have to forward this post to those who have a reader on their shopping list- me.

    Thanks for posting!