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Savvy Diva’s Take On…Elevator Etiquette

Sunday, December 4, 2011
By Jahzara, the Savvy Diva

A Call for Order…Is it me, or should there be a list of rules and guidelines posted on the wall beside all elevators? I crack up internally every morning while I’m waiting for the elevator in the parking garage. There is always that one employee that has to release an aroma of ignorance or unjustified behavior. I personally believe when you enter an elevator corridor, you should at least dispel a friendly smirk or just say good morning. I muster up enough energy every morning to part my lips to smile, grin, speak, and even go the extra mile to press the ‘door open’ button when someone is making a last minute dash to jump on board.
Now, what about an etiquette for first come, first aboard?  I believe if you have been standing, waiting patiently for the arrival of the elevator chariot, you have the right to board first, and each person following the sequence of order should comply with this rule. Just think, if you board last, you will be the first one off of the elevator…okay maybe it does depend on whether your floor is low or high –and if it is a lower number, then perhaps you should just walk up the steps and not waste anyone’s precious time. However, there is always one person that will act as if they didn’t notice the line of patient individuals standing in distress, and will bust in front of the line as the elevator doors slide open. Sometimes their haste prompts the exiting riders to bombard them and push the rude rider out of sequence — but everyday isn’t so perfect.
I would like to start the Elevator Rider Revolution today. From this day forward, all elevator riders must comply with the following rules and guidelines…or else:
Upon arrival to the elevator corridor all riders must greet their fellow riders with a grin, smirk, smile or a simple HELLO.
All riders must enter the elevator by order of arrival.
All riders must exit the elevator with grace and not grimace.
Comply with these rules and guidelines, and the workplace will be a much friendly place — especially in the morning!

Jahzara, the Savvy Diva