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My Funny Valentine: America's Most Hilarious Writers Take On Love, Romance, and Other Complications

Friday, December 23, 2011
Valentine's Day gets treated by some of the funniest writers in America: the people who win the humor contests, write syndicated columns, appear on comedy states, create the jokes you hear on TV. A fun read, and an open invitation to laugh at the joke that makes the world go around.

Some samples:
I don’t need a special day to be awkward, uncomfortable and falsely selfless. That’s what dating was for. Blythe Jewell

This is not to imply that the only men who remember Valentine’s Day are philanderers. Some of them, for example, are only thinking about cheating. Greg Podolski

We lovingly refer to it as Valentine’s Day because "Sex for Chocolate Day" was vetoed by the greeting card industry. Leigh Anne Jasheway

Valentine’s Day is about those five little words: Charge it to my Visa. Jim Shea

Inappropriate Valentine's Day Gifts include: Tickets to a ball game, box of chocolates left over from Christmas, vacuum cleaner, herpes. Jonathan Shipley

Clubbing a man over the head with a bat and dragging him into your love den has been interpreted as somehow criminal, by people who belong to fringe groups like the "police" and the "courts". What in heaven’s name is a girl to do?! Kate Heidel

GRADY HARP, Hall of Fame Reviewer, says:
"One of those `must have' books not only because it is terrific reading but also because it has a lot to say about contemporary relationships. Kudos to a crew of writers who are very in the know about love and relationships. This is a little treasure of a book with some of the most terse humor being written today!"

Goodreads Summary

Looking for the perfect book come Valentine's Day?  Maybe looking for new material to use in cards or for your loved one?  This book is perfect for anyone looking for a laugh or seriously trying to find phrases and/or poems and/or stories.  The quotes a reader will discover in this short book will have a humorous effect and the stories are so funny the reader will likely laugh out loud.  The Goodreads summary offers a terrific blurb on what the reader may expect. 

As odd as it may sound, this book truly has it all.  There are poems, stories, personal accounts, rejected Valentine card lines, romance mathematics, Holiday factoids, etc... The reader will not be able to find a boring portion in the entire book.  The readers' attention will not waver from this book.  My Funny Valentine is short enough that a reader will finish the book in a day or two at most.  Some readers may even recognize the writers of this hysterical book, a few male readers may even find some gift ideas for Valentine's Day!  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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