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The Gaia Wars by Kenneth G. Bennett

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Deadly secrets have been buried in the Cascade mountain wilderness for centuries. Hidden. Out of sight and out of mind.

Until today...

Warren Wilkes, age 13, doesn't like what a greedy housing developer has done to his peaceful mountain community, so he vandalizes the developer's property, flees into the wild, and stumbles upon an ancient human skeleton revealed by torrential rain. More than old bones have been exposed, however, and the curious artifact Warren finds makes him question his own identity, and his connection to an ancient terror. A terror destined to rise again and annihilate all that Warren loves. He must fight or see his whole world destroyed.

Goodread Summary

I was really surprised that I finished this book in one sitting, I don't usually do that-don't usually have the time.  The main character, Warren, drew me in from the start and his shockingly mature personality kept me reading.  Although Warren may appear a troublemaker, the reader will quickly reconcile exactly why Warren is creating such trouble.  The setting, a peaceful mountain community, was described vividly by the author, allowing the reader to really picture the setting and the events. 

A developer has come to interrupt the silence of Warren's normally quiet community.  Warren is not pleased and makes his feelings known.  The plot thickens, however, when Warren stumbles upon some ancient bones...and something much more sinister.  Warren must think on his feet and make quick decisions in order to keep his community safe. 

As a character, Warren was easy to like.  His intentions were mostly pure, he comes off as being mature yet still young and developing.  The secondary characters were mostly fun to get to know, the antagonist was portrayed perfectly.  A reader will appreciate the obvious care the author has for the environment.  The light instrumentals below reminded me of this book, something sinister yet beautiful about this song.  This book is recommended for middle grade/teen readers. 

5 Stars

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  1. Great review, Krystal. I love how you add to the piece with all your carefully selected photos. That just brings the review to life! The more and more I think of it, the more Gaia Wars reminds me of Wall-E. Both are "for kids," but both have so much deeper meanings; both are absolutely fascinating. And this is coming from someone who once watched Wall-E three times in one day. I <3 Gaia Wars a ridiculous amount too :-D

  1. Krystal, thank you for the great review and for creating such a cool layout! Love the images you found. Thanks for making a place for my books on your site. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Cheers!

  1. Now that you say that, I can see Wall-E :) I really enjoyed the story, thank you for giving me the chance to review it!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Well written review, Krystal. This does seem to be a book that would be interesting.
    Emlyn makes a good point about adding the photos.