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The Girl In The Box by Sheila Dalton

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Two women must overcome a shared tragedy. A mute Mayan girl held captive in a crate in the Guatemalan jungle, a bigcity psychoanalyst with a rescue complex, and a journalist with a broken heart are the characters in Dalton's second literary novel.

In places, this book has a surreal quality, though the issuescivil war in Guatemala, Mayan genocide, and professional misconduct among big city psychoanalystsare real and gritty. The themes range from the clash of cultures to the many forms love can take, and how we confuse and abuse them. The Girl in the Box is a psychological drama of the highest order and a gripping tale of intrigue and passion.

Goodreads Summary

How would you treat a girl who killed your boyfriend?   What if she had mental issues?  Inez is a young Mayan girl who was held captive in the Guatemalan jungle.  When Jerry hears of her plight, he knows he must help her.  Inez is not really innately "wild."  She will come off as more reserved, afraid, and a bit like a puppy-unsure of herself or her surroundings.  The author makes her character very different from the norm.  Jerry is portrayed as the sometimes grumpy often helpful psychoanalyst.  Caitlin, Jerry's girlfriend, is possibly the easiest character to like; she can be kind, funny, and intelligent. 

The reader will follow Inez's journey from Guatemala to Canada.  Jerry's careful care of her is interesting to read about.  How would you take care of a mute Mayan girl with potential mental disabilities?  Caitlin remains connected to Jerry and, through him, Inez.  When the disaster happens and Jerry is found dead, Caitlin must reconcile her feelings with this momentous event. 

Overall, this book is very interesting and will hold the reader's attention throughout the novel.  The characters were easy to connect with, very "real."  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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  1. Giselle said...:

    Oh wow this sounds interesting! I haven't heard of it before. Great review!

    Xpresso Reads

  1. Hi, Giselle
    Thanks for the enthusiastic comment. I hope you'll read the book, and let me know what you think.
    If you're a Library Thing member, you might want to enter the giveaway. The deadline isn't until Dec. 19.
    And Amazon U.S. is offering the book for $12, and also an ebook for $7.99.

  1. Thank you, Krystal, for this kind review, and for including me on your blog.

  1. Thank you for letting me read your book!

  1. You're very welcome. I'm glad you liked it.