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David Knight Guest Post!

Thursday, December 15, 2011
In this particular post, I hope and trust you will feel the strength, encouragement and joy from the connection within your own heart. This extract from I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is entitled ‘Stillness’. I can recall an overwhelming feeling of love which seemed to flow in and around me, like a layer of silk enveloping my whole body. By withdrawing into a place of quietness, deep within you, I’m sure that you will also find such peace, being able to sense and feel the truth inside of you too. God Bless. David.

hen you become ‘still’, you feel the love that is both you and I flowing through, to, and from all things. Like the blood that flows through your body and veins, I am the life force that enables you to do all the activities of your Soul, helping you to accomplish all that your heart needs to. My breath is the life force and energy of Creation and I am here for all life, all ‘beings’, and for all time.
Know that if I am you and you are me, then we are one. We cannot be divided, separated or broken. We are whole, everything, nothing less and nothing more. This is most felt and understood when you are at your most peaceful and still. By focusing on the inner you, you are focusing on me and then the feeling of realization and self- realization takes place.
In understanding this you will fulfil your goal, your one true goal and dream…into immortality of bliss and perfection, an embrace of pure Love and Light that will captivate and enthral you, nothing else will or can compare. Everything else is pretence, false and impermanent, which so many believe is the truth when it is not. So to, no one can help another fulfil their own goal, for each and everyone have their own part to play, their own karma (body and action) to unfold.
By becoming ‘still’, an opening arises for each Soul. It is like a doorway through and into darkness emerging into light. Journeys such as this must be taken so understanding, knowledge, experience and enlightenment can follow. Someone who has the patience and forbearance to continue will know no bounds. The only limit is placed upon oneself, by your own heart.
When you contemplate and are within pure stillness, everything resonates in time together. Your vibration / energy, light and love connect with me. By being still you receive and also send power, returning it back to me. Energy spirals like a beautiful rainbow across time and space, a marvel to see and comprehend. Love beaming, yet also fragmenting into sparks of an eternal flame from a fire burning within me.
As you sit and wonder, sometimes contemplating all that there is around you, it is the beauty ‘within’ that is forgotten, pushed aside until another day, week, month, or year. Time waits for no man, an ever lasting river that carries you along, but not to where you truly belong, which is to and with me eternally. I wait, I wait, and I wait. I am your shoreline and your rescue. You do not need to send an SOS for I am already here, within you. It is only the recognition of this that helps lead you to your eternal future.
Hear me. Hear my voice in the daytime, at night time and while you’re asleep. One voice is all that you need to recognise within the darkness of the impermanent world. My voice is the light, the only light that you can hear and see in eternal truth. When you become still you will know implicitly and simply that these things are true, nothing else and nothing more.
I have said to you before that when you are truly ‘still’ a thousand bells could chime but you would not hear them, instead only me, you and the truth. But, what does one expect? What beauty, what awe-inspiring scene would be sensed by sight, smell, touch, taste, or by hearing it?
Realise that I am the warmth if you were cold. I am the drink that would quench your thirst. I am the light when you are blinded by darkness. I am the land that encircles the ocean of doubt. I am the sky and clouds that drift by watching over you. I am the mountain that you climb in earnest and will eventually reach the peak, standing alone, yet entwined within my heart you’ll be. I am the fragrance of sweetness from a flower. I am the air that fills your lungs and I am the touch that caresses your face in a loving embrace. I am everything and everything I am.
Understand this too, that you and I are one and as such you are God. It is fact not fiction. I am the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart and we never part. Your body and all bodies are but golden chariots that carry you upon your journey. Focus then on the ‘innerness’ of you, but do not neglect both who and what your chariot is and does.
If you’re a human being, act like one that is true to each and everything else that resides with and around you. Do not succumb to lower senses, but rise above negative energies and situations that can ensnare and encircle those who are unprepared. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve if you have faith in yourself. As spoken before, if you have faith in yourself then you have faith in me. Love yourself and love your ‘self’ (the inner you) and accomplish your destiny.
Do not remain deep seated, deep rooted and struggling, but start to spread your wing of love and light, taking flight into the well of your heart. This ‘well’ is the key to all things and, as it is eternal, you will forever fly with me as I am your other wing to joy and peace.
Do not fear anything while embracing new opportunities that feel right (within you) in your life. In your difficult times I will support, carry and help you all I can. If you are in pain, for whatever reason, think of and focus on me. In your so called happy times of laughter and joy, I will watch you and laugh and feel the joy with you. I am the answer to all your questions, all your queries and all the missing pieces of your life’s jigsaw. When you see me, feel me, and know me, the ‘picture’ will be complete. No more returning of birth and death. No more yearning or despairing. You will not want for anything, for nothing else will be desired or required ever again.
So be silent, turn within and find your self and me. I am waiting, waiting always for you. I will never leave you for I cannot leave myself. Be ‘still’. Know it, want it, wish and pray for it. Remember; be near and dear for without exception, I am Love and Light, always and forever. Amen.