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Fingerprints: A Mystery Suspense Novel by Marcia Leonard

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fingerprints is a murder/suspense novel with a love story—and a Multiple Personality Disorder thrown in.

It’s horrifying when the police come and arrest Julie’s son Jeffrey for the murder of the doctor whose body she and Jeff found. But it’s also dismaying when tough, independent Julie realizes she’s falling for the lawyer she hired to defend Jeff.

Clark, the lawyer, has his own shocking problems. The woman he goes to visit in the institution is only one of the personalities of his beloved wife—not the one who killed their little daughter.

The doctor's killer is perfectly happy with how the police investigation is turning out. And she’ll kill again to keep it that way.

Will Jeffrey be acquitted and the real killer exposed? Find out where the fingerprints lead.

Goodreads Summary

Written in diary form (each chapter in the voice of one of the
characters), I was immediately pulled into a compelling murder mystery.
On the first page, young Jeffrey raises his blood-covered hands as his
mom, realtor Julie Cushman, arrives at a vacant listing to pick him up.
Learning that Jeff has developmental delays made the mother-son
relationship more touching.  The suspense of Julie’s courageous visits to
find suspects, other than her son, really brings you closer to Julie’s
character.  Understanding Julie’s fixated motivation to clear her son of
the murder, the wife of the murdered man tells Julie that she “would have
done anything in the world to help” her own son.  Wouldn’t any mom?
At first, I thought that the multiple personality story that Clark
Horowitz tells was a little out there, but I was already too interested in
Julie and Jeff to stop reading.  Then, author Leonard tells the story of
Clark, his wife, and daughter so well that I wanted to know what happened
to his family.  Marissa Finch’s character stood out for me.  She was so
mean; yet, someone I felt pity for too.  Starting with Marissa’s part in
the action and Liz’s diary entries...I guessed who had killed Dr. Blakely.
 The way you slowly begin to understand - that the good doctor wasn’t so
good – adds another dimension to the murder mystery.  Slow, building
attraction between the two characters was nice to read because they both
still had other priorities (Jeff and Gail)...and they never ignored them
to chase a romance.  The final scene where Julie figures out how
“fingerprints” framed Jeff is well-written; you get to figure it out with

Four Stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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