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Divine Fury by: Robert B. Lowe

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In this second book in the Enzo Lee Series, the intrepid San Francisco newspaper reporter is back covering light features when he is assigned to cover a governor's campaign and a seemingly unrelated murder.

Reluctantly, he finds himself thrust into a conspiracy to sabotage the campaign led by an overzealous televangelist executive. Meanwhile, a troubled war veteran begins a violent journey from small-town Montana to the City by the Bay. 

When Lee becomes a target himself, he must dodge attempts on his life while trying to uncover the conspiracy and keep the candidate alive.

Goodreads Summary

Enzo Lee is a reporter and gets stuck writing about an openly gay politician running for office. There are religious people who not only don’t want him to win… they want him gone forever. We see Enzo get in the middle of the fight, and we’re taken along the journey of Enzo trying to get out of the predicament he put himself in.

I really enjoyed this book. Reading politics isn’t really my thing, but I enjoyed this one. Enzo is a nice character to read about. I really felt bad for the situations he’s in, and cheer him on when he’s trying to solve a problem. It’s definitely a thriller; sometimes I didn’t know where it was going or who was going to end up where. There weren’t really “twists” per say, but I didn’t know what would happen at the same time. The plot moved at a good pace, nothing too fast or slow. I did get bored a little, so there was some skimming. No skipping pages, just skim. The story is easy to follow, and it was clear writing. To me, it’s something that’s easily forgettable ONLY because it’s technically the type of book I read. So if you like mystery, thriller, adventure, fast paced books - this is for you!

4 stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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