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Chasers by: James Phelan

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The trip of a lifetime just turned into the end of the world.

When Jesse crawls out of the wreckage of a subway car and emerges into daylight, he’s greeted by a living nightmare. An unexplained force has destroyed New York City, turning skyscrapers into ash, cutting off all power and communication. Jesse and his new friends, Dave, Anna and Mini are dazed but unhurt. The other survivors are not so lucky. Every human being they encounter is infected, gripped by an unquenchable thirst that drives them to monstrous acts of violence.

Somehow, Jesse has to escape. But first, he has to stay alive.

Goodreads Summary

Chasers left me with an empty feeling. I didn’t like the book, but didn’t dislike it either. First off, the characters fell flat for me. Two of them I liked, but the rest felt out of place or were just not interesting. There was a lot of running and talking in this novel. I thought that there would be some serious zombie (vampire?) action, but there wasn’t and that left me a little irritated. The zombies were thirsty for ANYTHING. Blood is a liquid; therefore, I believe they should be called zombie vampires. The concept was cool and weird at the same time. The plot was very slow and a tad boring at some parts. I started to skim some pages and it still kind of bored me.

Even though most of the characters were unlikable, the ones that weren’t were the reason I continued reading. At least one character kept me interested…and that says something. Even when it got slow, I was interested in the characters’ dialogue. Sometimes, they just kept talking and talking and talking, but if the reader skimmed a little, the plot became more interesting. I’m sorry to say this, but in order for me to like the book I skimmed about 2/3rds of it. That’s fine for me; I’m still picking up the second! I might not read the book word for word, but at least I’ll be entertained.

3/5 stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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