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The Romanov Stone By Robert C. Yeager

Monday, September 10, 2012

The assassin Tartov sets a chilling tone of violence and intrigue in the first few pages.  Since I was reading this when I was watching the Olympics, the descriptions of ballet and diving training for Kate, an Olympic diving candidate, were great!  Although the story is set in America, Yeager portrays the Russian flavor with flashbacks, and even in the main character’s cheek bones and home décor.  I haven’t travelled far, but I travel in books like these.  The descriptions of Kiev and Moscow, the “near caves” and “far caves” of the monastery catacombs really interested me.  Besides the Olympic diving, I could relate to the author’s insertion about “habituating” behaviors because I just read about it in a psychology class.  And guess what?  Kate, just like many Americans, needs medicine for ADD.  Technical stuff about gemology is interesting like when they verify the stone.  Hypnotism aspect was great to read too; I wonder if I am a hypnotic virtuoso?  (I should ask someone to see how far my eyes can roll back in my head.)
Getting a “family servant and supporter of all Romanovs for generations” (Rasputin’s descendent!) in the act as the villain, along with the scary Ukrainian mafiya and Columbian jewel thief meant there was a lot of suspense and action.  A fortune at the Bank of England and a priceless, mysterious gemstone – what a terrific plot!  Sometimes I wish that I liked Kate more…she’s a Romanov descendent – gutsy and curious, but I guess sometimes in the romantic interaction with gemologist Simon Blake, she seems too moody?  I’m not sure what about her character bothered me sometimes, but I just felt like saying - forget her and go home - to Simon when he was trying to help her.  Other than that, I enjoyed this story! 

Four Stars                  

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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