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2012 Blogger Awards!

Friday, September 21, 2012
Welcome to the 2012 Blogger Awards

What is a blogger award?
People will submit their blogs in two categories listed below. They have to put up ONE ARC (if you don’t have one, a book that just came out that’s popular will work) in order to join. Followers will be able to vote on the category and the losers have to give up their ARC to the winners.

Biggest Heart: Who is the most generous with giveaways. 
Best Layout: A blog layout that's better than any other.
Best New Blog: A new blog (one with 500 followers or less) that catches your eye the most.

Most Entertaining: Bloggers that posts reviews that are entertaining. 
-- Now in voting! Click here to support your blog!

- You must choose TWO categories, not more or less
- Please enter once
- You may advertise on your blog to get more votes
- No putting down / shunning other blogs
- If you don't have an ARC it must be a new popular book. (Anna Dressed In Blood, Vessel ect.)
- Submitting your blog will end October 6th.

- eBooks are fine


Live to read

Live to read

Books currently up for grabs:

(Try again next year?)


  1. Unknown said...:

    ...high risks for me lol.

  1. So I probably won't win...but I'll be a good sport and try.

  1. Oh, boy! I'd love to enter, but not too sure how I'd do. What fun, though. And what great books. Thanks for hosting this!

  1. Diana said...:

    Thanks for this, it looks like fun! When does the actual voting start?

  1. Voting will begin Oct 9th. You can enter by filling out the embedded form.