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The Haven by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Spring brings new life, young love, and second chances to Stoney Ridge.
On a warm spring day, Sadie Lapp returns home to her quiet, unassertive life in Stoney Ridge after spending the winter in Ohio.
Gideon Smucker, an awkward schoolteacher, has been in love with Sadie since childhood and eagerly awaits her return. But does Sadie feel the same about him?
Will Stoltz, a charming and impetuous college student, has been banished for a semester and sent to babysit endangered peregrine falcons nesting at the Lapp farm. He'd rather be anywhere else . . . until he befriends Sadie.
As the hopes and ambitions of these three young people converge, life in Stoney Ridge may never be the same.
Once again, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher intrigues and delights with a story that explores the bonds of friendship, family, and true love in this captivating series.

Goodreads Summary

Coming home to Windmill Farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Sadie Lapp is shocked to find her farm swarmed by people – even news crews.  A rare American peregrine falcon pair has decided to nest on her farm; this means that Will Stoltz, an almost medical student with family and legal problems, will be staying on the farm to watch over the rare birds.  However, this shock cannot outdo the surprise of finding a baby in a basket.  The temporary teacher, Gideon Smucker - who’s loved Sadie for years, and everyone else in their church assumes the worst about the appearance of the baby after Sadie’s stay with her sister in Ohio. 
Writing the summary above made me realize how much is going on in this book.  This is book 2, and I didn’t read the first novel.  However, it is easy to get into the story without having read the first.  The first pages had me thinking – oops, this is a soap opera.  There’s a brother who passed away and dad who now has his son’s heart; but once I began to know the characters, I really started to appreciate all the relationships and personalities.  Seeing Sadie develop her healing skills and ability to speak out for herself and others was great; I felt so bad for her when her church came down so hard on her before hearing the whole story.  Reading about Will’s problems and then seeing how life on the farm, hard work, nature, and an sympathetic wise girl could help him straighten out his life got me out of the house for a long walk to admire the trees.  All of this goodness/forgiveness is, luckily, balanced with humor (that’s what Sadie’s sister M.K. is for) and no-nonsense action/advice (that’s what Fern is for.)  M.K. and a friend blow up a stove pipe.  Fern gets Will’s father off his high-horse with a story of a young boy who once tied an oily rag to a cat’s tail and set it on fire.

Four Stars   

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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  1. Wow. It's awesome that you were able to get through this one without having read book #1 and gave it a 4 star rating!! Must be a decent read. I will be looking into it and #1 because I might be a little more easily confused lol

  1. Adriane said...:

    This one really interests me! Great review!

  1. I haven't read anything by this author but it sounds really good and I can't wait to read this!