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Shadows Before the Sun by Kelly Gay

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The electrifying sequel to the acclaimed urban fantasies The Better Part of Darkness, The Darkest Edge of Dawn, and The Hour of Dust and Ashes!
After filling out mountains of paperwork, Detective Charlie Madigan sets out for a death-defying trip into heavenly Elysia to rescue her partner Hank and bring the siren home. Of course, she doesn’t expect to leave behind an all out siren revolution or return home to find that jinn crime boss, Grigori Tennin, has begun a massive search for the divine being, Ahkneri. Tennin’s tactics set off a chain reaction that puts Charlie in the crosshairs of the shadowy creature known as Death and awakens Ahkneri from her long sleep. And when Vengeance rises, Atlanta will never be the same.

Goodreads Summary

Charlie Madigan clinched this book as wonderful for me.  She is funny, smart, and brave.  She's literally one of those people who knows what they want and goes for it.  Hank, Charlie's partner, has been forced back to his home.  He's under suspicion of treason.  Charlie and Hank have had a back and forth relationship going for quite some time now, but Charlie must make a decision-and she decides to go for Hank!  Their romance was a terrific addition to an already action-packed novel.

Shadows Before the Sun is already quite far into the series and readers should try to read in order if they want to understand the plot and characters.  This book advances the plot and provides the reader with more insights into the characters, especially Charlie.  With Charlie on a rescue mission to save Hank, will Atlanta survive without her help?

All of the characters were very well-developed.  Alessandra's character really reaches her full potential; she is stubborn and has a bit of an air about her, but the reader will learn more about her mysterious ways.  There are some new characters in this book, the reader will enjoy that the author details them nicely.  However, some of the characters that the reader may be used to, such as Rex, are either barely in the novel or not in this one at all!  Overall, this book is definitely worth picking up if the reader is a fan of the series.

4 Stars

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  1. Emma said...:

    the book sounds interesting looking forward to reading it

  1. Lizzy said...:

    I kind of skimmed this, since I didn't want to spoil the series. Alessandra seems to be a pretty-bad ass character though.

  1. i've heard her books are really good for pnr fans!

  1. Enjoyed the review, sounds like a series I need to get started on

  1. Denise Z said...:

    This is a new series to me and I love starting them at the beginning. Thank you for sharing. I am going to hop over and check out more :)

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    I've been thinking about starting this series for awhile now. You know, I think I finally will.