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Seeker of Shadows by Nancy Gideon

Sunday, September 23, 2012

NANCY GIDEON CONTINUES HER COMPELLING, SENSUAL NEW SERIES WITH A SEDUCTIVE TALE OF FORBIDDEN ALLEGIANCE AND REDISCOVERED LOVE. His town. Susanna Duchamps came to New Orleans to settle a debt and to temporarily escape the controlled constraints of her life among the Chosen. What she finds is an opportunity to make miraculous strides with her research into Shifter genetics . . . and an unexpected, but never forgotten, man from her complicated past. Her rules. Shifter club owner Jacques LaRoche is fiercely protective of his freedom. Stripped of his memories of a former life, he longs for the mate he lost . . . until the enticingly familiar presence of a mysterious stranger from the north ignites a primal, nearly uncontrollable need to release the untamed beast inside him. Their last chance. Susanna dares not tell Jacques it was she who sacrificed his past and her future years ago, to protect him and the secret she carried. But her arrival in New Orleans comes with consequences. When a bloody confrontation erupts between their enemy clans, will she betray her lover once again—or throw her own life on the line so they can finish what they started?

Goodreads Summary

Looking for an exciting thriller with some romance?  This just might be the book for you.  Susanna's a girl with a complicated past and love life.  When she arrives in New Orleans she has nothing on her mind besides business, but that quickly changes with the arrival of Jacques.  Jacques hasn't stopped waiting for Susanna.  Even though he no longer remembers his past, he still knows that Susanna is "it" for him.  She's that one special mate that belongs to him.  Susanna has a lot to straighten out.  She still has to tell Jacques about her part in his inability to remember his past.  She also has another person, her daughter, to worry about. 

Susanna's character was intense.  She's the type of woman who makes decisive decisions.  Her bravery and easy seduction of Jacques makes her character easy to focus on.  Jacques is just as sexy and charismatic as the summary promises.  His and Susanna's newfound relationship has several hurdles.  His lost memory combined with his body's ability to remember Susanna creates several angry scenes.  The reader will appreciate the clear passion the characters have and the author's ability to make the scenes come alive for the reader.  Between the electric romance of the main characters, vivid descriptions and scenes, and constant action, this book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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