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Carnival of Souls Twitter Party!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Get on Twitter at 2PM EST on 9/8 to chat about CARNIVAL OF SOULS… but read the book first!

Chat Spoiler: Books Spoilers Will Run Wild

Go Ahead, ENTER THE CARNIVAL if you dare!

Mingle with the characters, read exclusive excerpts, listen to the music that inspired the writing, and more
And Tumbl THIS
In It to Win It?

The first three to post the #MarrChat graphic and a link to THE CARNIVAL will win CARNIVAL OF SOULS swag
AND be guaranteed to have their question answered by Melissa Marr during the #MarrChat on 9/8!


  1. I posted it HERE Not sure where I was supposed to tho O_o I am super excited about this chat <3

  1. This seems like a great event :D