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Overzealous by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

Sunday, January 12, 2014

When is enough really enough? Life abundance, too many of us mistakenly believe, lies in that which we control or acquire outside the Self that we think potentially can enhance our lives. Our search for more often continues despite the nature of our accomplishments, our social status, or what we already possess. The truth is that we can get so intently focused on what we do not have that our searching and endless seeking disguises our true feelings. Thus, the happiness we search for eludes us. Anxious and conflicted beliefs fuel a constellation of overzealous behaviors. Constant thinking, planning, and doing become a way of life for many—in the end serving only to reflect a view of the world that supports our distorted beliefs on how life should be lived. When the pursuit of more goes beyond a mere passion for doing, we experience feelings of loneliness, scarcity, and deprivation. This prevents us from taking joy in living life. It is only through observation and bringing a simple, new awareness to the reality we see around us that we can begin to stop masking the truth of how we truly feel, change our behaviors, and create lasting success and complete abundance in all areas of our lives.

Amazon Summary

Many of us have the issue of repeating the same compulsive behaviors in our quest for success in life. We stroke our own ego and try to get ahead by building wealth and social status. A lot of times we are even extremely successful in these choices but we still feel that there is something missing. "Overzealous" explores these feelings that we have when we are stuck in this rut of repetition and gives us a guide to start digging out of this hole of unhappiness.

I have never though of a quest for wealth and success as such a bad thing in our lives, however this book does bring up some good points. If you are someone who is caught in an obsessive loop then the exercises and ideas presented here may be of some benefit to you. I am a success seeker but I can see the point that the author makes about achieving balance in life and how is a healthy way of looking at things. Those of you looking for a self help book that dives into improving your overworking tendencies, then you should check out "Overzealous."
3.5 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*

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  1. Unknown said...:

    I am an over worker over thinker and pretty much and "over" everything type of person i struggle for a balance most days.