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The Masada Protocol by Lee Brand

Friday, November 9, 2012
The Masada Protocol

The year is 2014. Iran has nuclear weapons and has annexed Iraq. Hezbollah won the most recent election and now controls Lebanon, while Hamas remains in command of Gaza. In 2012, NATO, absent the strong leadership of America, abandoned Afghanistan, which has fallen to the Taliban. Strongman regimes have fallen in Egypt and elsewhere, leaving the door open to the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups. Israel is surrounded by fanatical Islamist regimes armed with weapons of mass destruction, and the Iranian ayatollahs want to buy $100 billion in refineries in Europe and America. Yet the Middle East is strangely quiet. It will prove to be the calm before a storm of historic proportions.

Steve Barber, a seasoned Force Recon Marine, now a Defense Department black operations specialist, has been assigned to a critical intelligence mission in Israel. He teams up with Neena Shahud, a Mossad agent with attitude wreaking personal vengeance upon Hezbollah members, first to save her life and then to find out why the Middle East is about to explode and stop it. By the time Steve and Neena have figured it out, it may be too late. If Masada, a fortified hill dating to biblical times and the object of an oath taken by Israel’s elite combat troops, is not to fall to enemies a second time, what will be the price? Who will pay it?

Goodreads Summary

Brand has created a storyline that has adventure, loss, politics, and love. All of these aspects together make a wonderful thriller novel. The main character, Steve Barber, has been fighting for his country with all his heart. He does pretty much anything for the good of the people, even if it gets him into trouble. This is admirable and a personality a reader will find ideal for all soldiers around the world. There is a secondary character named Neena. She’s the love interest, and both of them together make for a captivating couple and a good backstory. This story is definitely heart breaking… many deaths and hard pasts-a reader should be prepared to truly think about the message behind this book.

The plot moves at a steady pace, maybe one or two parts went a little too fast and it would be nice to know a little more. Otherwise, I understood everything and what was going on. I went online and actually fact-checked some lines and places the team went (I know that’s weird, shush.) and everything was fine. He did his research around the world and in the military, this is a very credible author.

ONE critique I have: sometimes the storyline was choppy… it didn’t flow as nicely in some parts, but the story gets back on track with ease. It’s a book I would recommend to people who like books about politics and thrillers with a little bit of romance.

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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