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The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Breath of Dawn

Kristen Heitzmann Delivers Powerful New Romantic Suspense
Morgan Spencer has had just about all he can take of life. Following the tragic death of his wife, Jill, he retreats to his brother's Rocky Mountain ranch to heal and focus on the care of his infant daughter, Olivia. Two years later, Morgan begins to make plans to return to his home in Santa Barbara to pick up the pieces of his life and career.
Quinn Riley has been avoiding her past for four years. Standing up for the truth has forced her into a life of fear and isolation. After a "chance" first meeting and a Thanksgiving snowstorm, Quinn is drawn into the Spencer family's warm and loving world, and she begins to believe she might find freedom in their friendship.
The man Quinn helped put behind bars has recently been released, however, and she fears her past will endanger the entire Spencer family. As the danger heightens, she determines to leave town for the sake of the people who have come to mean so much to her.
Fixing problems is what Morgan Spencer does best, and he is not willing to let Quinn run away, possibly into the clutches of a man bent on revenge. But Morgan's solution sends him and Quinn on an unexpected path, with repercussions neither could have anticipated.

Goodreads Summary

The Breath of Dawn is the first book by Heitzmann I have read and I’m glad I got the chance to review it! The story revolves around two conflicted individuals colliding and saving each other in more than one way. Quinn Reilly sent a con man to jail and he promised her that he will “make her pay”. Now – four years later – he was released. Her sister Hannah called to warn her, putting Quinn on the run. Morgan Spencer had lost the love of his life in a car crash, plus a daughter due to leukemia, which leaft him with his youngest infant named Olivia (Livie for short). When his wife died, he moved into his brothers’ guest ranch in the high country of Colorado. Moving forward a few years, Morgan wants to move back to Santa Barbara. One day he sees his neighbor, Quinn, is moving, so he thinks of buying her house instead.

Worlds clash and both Quinn and Morgan help each other emotionally and physically. Quinn feels like she’s a part of a family and Morgan tries to open his heart. It hurts for him; the pain of losing his wife is still an open wound. Even though Quinn wants to stay, she cannot risk the lives of the people she’s come to care about.

This book isn't a very “happy” book. It has conflict, inner struggles, a little bit of humor to take the edge off, and lessons to be learned. I don’t like drama books at ALL… instead I’m more of a happy-go-lucky / instalove type. Looking past all of that I really enjoyed the plotline and characters. Yes, it’s sad and I teared up a little, but it was interesting and kept me engaged. That’s honestly hard to do for me. Heitzmann put so much energy into this book and the reader can tell. This isn't a book that the reader will forget about. When I was finished with the book I kept thinking about it for a few days and letting the messages and ending sink in. It’s not a “cute” book, but something I would recommend for people. I didn't skip any pages, every single one kept me engaged. Even though I don’t like drama books, I would recommend this particular novel to adult readers.

5 Stars

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  1. Gaby said...:

    Suspense is my favorite of hers, Rissi and Lydia. I adored Indelible and Indivisible too. One of my all time favorite books is Freefall. Kristen’s characterization is always superb :)

  1. Evie said...:

    It looks like such an emotional story. This is the kind of book that I like.

  1. Susan T. said...:

    I like a good suspense novel and I love that it is set in the Rockies!