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Regine’s Book: A Teen Girl’s Last Words By: Regine Stokke

Friday, November 30, 2012

Regine’s blog about living with Leukemia gained a huge following, and eventually became this book. She writes openly about emotional and physical aspects of her 15-month struggle to recover, and explains how her disease impacts her life. In the course of her illness, Regine has photography exhibits, goes to concerts, enjoys her friends & family, and advocates for registering as a blood and bone marrow donor. She was a typical teenager with an amazing will to live; and the lessons she learned have relevance for all of us. She died at home on December 3, 2009 with her family and cat by her side. Originally published in Norway, the book was selected by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture for a translation grant. Norwegian sales are as follows: 30,000 copies hardcover (May – Dec 2010); 17,000 copies paperback (Jan – Sept 2011).

Goodreads Summary

Regine was seventeen when she was diagnosed with cancer, but she did not stop living.  Starting a blog, Regine described what her life was like in the hospital.  During her illness, Regine wrote poems, took photos, and went to concerts.  Regine is an inspiration.
Reading about how Regine faced her mortality made me cry.  She is only a few years younger than me; I was angry that she was suffering.  Regine’s Book reminded me why we must continue to search for a cure.  Nearly everyone has been affected by cancer.  Most of us realize that cancer hurts the body and the soul.  No part of a patient’s life is left untouched by cancer; Regine’s battle shows this.
I think anyone could benefit from reading Regine’s Book.  Her story gives the reader a lesson about appreciating life and imparts wisdom.  The photographs, poems, and book itself are a reminder that even when a life stops, a legacy continues on.  I give Regine’s Book five out of five stars.


5 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    This sounds amazing but I would have a box of tissues nearby!