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Brochure Printing at PrintRunner!

Friday, November 16, 2012
Do you need brochures printed quickly for a business, product, or even a school project?  Check out the brochure printing services at PrintRunner!  Brochure printing at PrintRunner is quick and easy; your brochures will ship within three days and two free pdf's of your brochure template are sent to you for approval prior to printing.  With the righthand column conveniently located at the top of the page, users can select size, quantity, color, paper, and folding options.  The price at the bottom of the column updates to show the  user exactly how much they will be paying as the options are added on. 

If a user wishes to see blank templates before he/she selects their options, the user may click on a link to download and preview the templates.  The final dimensions and quick description are available prior to the user having to download the templates.  There are diverse varieties of folding options, colors, and sizes available.  Do you have a specific picture(s) in mind?  Users have the options of both uploading their own file or designing their files online.  If you're looking for a fast and effective way to display your product, blog, etc... PrintRunner's brochure printing services may be right for you!

Brochure Printing

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