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Thursday, November 29, 2012

That's a loaded question. So many ways to answer that one question. Everyone -- young and old -- sometimes has hard days. It's always great to go home and read about a hero that saves the princess, a mystery that keeps you on your toes, adventure that jumps off the page... endless stories that fill your mind and leave you with stories yourself. If a book is made into a movie, people say they'd rather sit down for three hours than read for longer. What I say to that: You're missing out.

PhotobucketFirst off, you build your own characters in books. For example, in Twilight I pictured Edward would look like Kaname from Vampire Knight (picture referenced on the left), and when the movie came out it totally ruined my image of the dark, sexy vampire. Movies are done in 2-3 hours, but books will take you deep inside the characters' minds. An example is Hunger Games. You don't hear her inner turmoil and how she's really feeling through the hunger games: what she's thinking, why she made certain the decisions, her demons, and heartbreaks she endured.  You don't get that in movies. Imagination is what makes a book great. I forget myself in those pages; I cry for characters when something tragic happens, laugh when the comic relief does the unexpected, and rush through the pages when a scene gets to a climax.

Why do I love YA books? Because they take you away from your real life. They make you THINK and make you use your mind in different ways. I sometimes am left with characters in my mind making more adventures for them. That's where fan fiction comes in. Books will sometimes leave you with questions and answers that are left in the dust, but young adult readers take that ending and make another one using their interpretation of the character. I know plenty of people who like other readers' endings better than the authors'.

The answer to your question is: it can take you anywhere. In relationships with the characters, fear from the monsters that are described, romance that you've always wanted, adventures where the most random characters fit together can make a book memorable and exceptional. Friendships are made, love is given, and laughs are handed out like candy in YA books.

Half the reason why I'm blogging is because of a group of people. I've made tons of friends while reviewing and I keep in touch with them on a daily basis. We all have the same interest: books. I'll meet them at conventions, gush about what author contacted me, and talk about what book I received. Making trades with fun people and they have your back if you need something. I can call many people friends since reviewing. Last month I put together a Blogger Awards Giveaway and had many blogs enter. It was nice to give back to the community, not just be in one and do nothing to help. Young Adult is what got me into the blogging world and in return I gained strong relationships, allies, networks, and the sense of being in a community.

Authors, please don't think I've forgotten you. If you're reading this blog post I want to thank you for all  the stories you've given me. You've taken a dream, poem, random thought... anything that sparked your mind and made it known. No matter what the reviews say, you've made a positive impact with society. Your creation is being shared, and is something to be treasured. Many people have said the words "I want to become a writer!" but given up when it gets tough.

This blog post is very sincere. I've never really answered this question, and once I started it was hard to stop. The question has so many answers and directions, other bloggers surely have different reasons why it's precious to them. Reading is the love of my life (and something that will never break up with me); I'm glad to be a blogger and share that love with others. The books you're giving away are amazing, but what really counts is how involved you are with the community. I'm very glad to be a blogger and a part of a world where my thoughts and feelings matter. The young adult genre will always be my favorite. It's what I grew up with, how I learned lessons, and what will always take me on my own adventure.

Thank you,

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    I much prefer books to movies too!